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A steering committee of faculty and administrators was appointed to oversee the preparation of the self-study. 

Members of the steering committee were chosen for their expertise in each of the nine standards. For each standard, there is also a subcommittee (composed of faculty, administrators, and students, most of whom are not on the steering committee), chaired by the member of the steering committee responsible for that standard; that subcommittee will prepare an outline and collect supporting evidence. 




Denise Schaeffer

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Steering Committee Chair

Denise Bell

Director of Assessment and Research

Rev. William Campbell, S.J.

Vice President for Mission (2018-2019)

Frank Vellaccio

Senior Vice President Emeritus

Loren R. Cass

Dean of Experiential Learning and Student Success

Mary Ebbott

Dean of the Faculty

Amit Taneja

Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Paul Irish

Associate Dean of Students

Neal Lipsitz

Associate Dean for Student Development

Dorothy Hauver

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Marisa Gregg    

Vice President for Communications and Marketing

Jane Corr            

Chief of Staff

Miles Cahill

Professor, Economics and Accounting

Nancy Baldiga

Professor, Economics and Accounting

Ken Mills

Professor, Chemistry

Charles Estaphan Director of Finance, Assistant Treasurer
Jan Lenahan Accreditation, Assessment and Strategic Planning Fellow