For Students

This page was updated May 3 2022

All Students

  • Must report to Health Services any COVID symptoms or exposure to COVID-19
  • Must use HC Clear to schedule COVID tests and perform a daily symptom check
  • Must test twice per week on non-consecutive days at our testing center on the third floor of Hogan, Room 320. 
  • Must be fully vaccinated and boosted, unless they have applied for and been granted an exemption.
  • Will be able to isolate in campus Isolation/Quarantine space in the event that they test positive.
  • Will be able to quarantine in College Isolation/Quarantine space in the event that they are a close contact of someone with COVID-19, and live greater than 250 miles from campus, or have been granted an exemption from returning home to quarantine.

If You Test Positive Off-Campus

 Please email a record of your test to A photo of an at-home test is enough. You will be exempt from on-campus testing for 90 days.


No specific physical distancing requirements apply at this time. Should conditions change during the term, this may be revised.


  • As of May 3, 2022, masks are again required indoors across campus. This temporary change is due to a sharp increase in on campus COVID cases. See here for more information.


  • All guests and visitors to campus must be fully vaccinated.
  • See here for our full visitor policy.

COVID Cluster or Increased Cases

  • In the event of a COVID outbreak or increased cases on campus, the College will work with the Department of Public Health to determine additional steps needed to control the spread of COVID. These steps may include quarantine, isolation, increased testing, shelter in place, and changes, suspension or termination of classes and activities on campus, and housing in the residence halls. 
  • The College also reserves the right to differentiate between vaccinated students and unvaccinated students, in compliance with applicable law.