Contact Tracing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is contract tracing? 

Contact Tracing is the process by which health officials identify, evaluate, and monitor close contacts of patients with confirmed and probable COVID-19.  

What is a close contact?

The term “close contact” has a specific meaning. As defined by the CDC, a “close contact” is any individual who has come within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes of a laboratory-confirmed or probable COVID-19 patients. Someone who came into brief and/or casual contact with another person is not a close contact. 

How do you identify close contacts?

Close contacts are identified through the contact tracing process that is initiated when an individual tests positive.

What happens if I am a close contact?

You may be required to quarantine and to monitor yourself for symptoms depending on your vaccination status, and the extent of your contact. If you are required to quarantine, someone from the College will contact you. If you are not required to quarantine you will receive information via email on how to proceed.. 

If you have any questions on quarantine, please see the FAQ for quarantine.

Can I be a close contact of a close contact?

Neither the CDC nor Mass DPH recommend organizations take any action with regard to close contacts of close contacts. Students who develop symptoms should contact Health Services. Faculty and staff should contact their health care provider. 

How will you keep my information private?

Contract tracers will do everything they can to keep your status as a close contact as confidential as is possible under the circumstances. However, please note that members of the Department of Public Health and those at the College with a need to know will have access to this information.  

What if I believe that someone isn’t being honest about their close contacts?

You may contact the isolation and quarantine coordinator at and they will discuss the situation further.