COVID-19 Dashboard

Holy Cross Surveillance Testing Data

In an effort to quickly identify and address cases of COVID-19 on campus, all members of our community are tested regularly. Find more information about our testing program here.

The data on this page show results of our campus surveillance testing program, which is conducted by professionals from Triumvirate and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. Some external test results are tracked, specifically student test results obtained off-campus. Those are tabulated along with other data on the Student Testing Detail pane of the dashboard. The campus testing results are updated multiple times per day.

State and Local Metrics

In order to help keep our students, faculty and staff safe and healthy and make decisions about campus operations, it is important that we understand conditions on campus, locally and in the state. 
The metrics on the dashboard will help us to determine if and when changes to our plans might be necessary for the health and safety of our college community.
College leadership, working with medical experts, are reviewing all of these metrics on a regular basis to determine the implications for College operations.

COVID-19 Monitoring

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Internal Holy Cross Testing Summary

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