Weekly Update

Sept. 24, 2021

Weekly Testing Numbers 

  • Total New Positive Cases: 7, including (trending favorably down)
  • 7-Day Positivity Rate: 0.09% (trending favorably down)
  • Isolation and Quarantine Capacity: 70% available (trending favorably up)

More information is available on our dashboard.

Testing Cadence for Students 

All students are now required to test twice per week, on non-consecutive days. Our testing center is open for students Monday through Thursday. This means every student needs to test on Monday or Tuesday, and then again on Wednesday or Thursday.

Today we increased the number of available appointment slots to help with scheduling your tests in HC Clear.

Here are your schedule options for your weekly tests:

First Test Second Test
Monday Wednesday or Thursday
Tuesday Thursday

This means that if you haven’t tested by Tuesday afternoon, you’re in danger of falling out of compliance. This week we started sending automated reminder emails to students who haven’t tested by Tuesday afternoon, and again by Thursday late-morning.

If you have an extraordinary circumstance and aren’t going to make your two on campus tests in a given week, please fill out this google form to let us know.

Contact Tracing 

Contact tracing is the process by which health officials identify, evaluate and monitor close contacts of those who have tested positive for COVID-19. It is a vital tool in our toolbox in the effort to limit spread of the virus on campus.

Contact tracers are continuing to do their work any time we have a positive test on campus. They need your help. If you are contacted by a tracer, please answer their questions as fully and honestly as you can.

See our website for more information on how the contact tracing process works.

Fall Employee FAQ

A new Fall 2021 Employee COVID FAQ was recently posted on the COVID Faculty and Staff webpage. The FAQ reinforces that employees should not come to campus if they are feeling ill, and offers guidance on quarantine requirements if a household member tests positive, along with other helpful information.