Weekly Update

April 23, 2021

Campus is currently in a Yellow alert status. Find out more about what that means on our COVID Response and Reopening site.


Total New Positive Cases: 13, including 2 external tests (trending favorably down)
7-Day Positivity Rate: 0.21% (trending favorably down)
Isolation and Quarantine Capacity: 84% available (trending favorably up)

As always, more information is available on our dashboard. In case you missed it, we recently  made some changes to make the dashboard more complete and more transparent. Find out more here.


Earlier this week, Vaccine Lead Denielle Burl and Health Services Director Kelsey Devoe led a live webinar on how to get the vaccine in Massachusetts. We’ve posted the video to our YouTube channel.

You can find many more questions about vaccines answered on our website.


Seniors, we’re almost there. A critical date you need to be thinking about: May 10th. If you test positive or become a close contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19 on or after May 10th, you will not be able to attend your commencement ceremony, as you’ll still be in isolation or quarantine.

That also means that you need to start being extra cautious about your interactions NOW. COVID can incubate for up to 14 days before triggering an infection. So please, wear your mask, stay six feet apart, avoid large gatherings, and stay in compliance with the twice-weekly testing protocol. We’re almost there.

Everyone else: our actions can also affect commencement. Let us all do our part to conclude this term healthy and safe.

More information about commencement COVID protocols will be coming in a future update.