Weekly Update

April 1, 2021

Campus is currently in a Yellow alert status. Find out more about what that means on our COVID Response and Reopening site.

As announced last week, we are planning to move to Orange alert status beginning April 5.


Total New Positive Cases: 10
7-Day Positivity Rate: 0.21%
Isolation and Quarantine Capacity: 87% available

 We have omitted trending indicators this week because of lower testing volume due to Easter travel. As always, more information is available on our dashboard. Dashboard metrics do not include tests conducted outside of our campus testing program. The dashboard is updated periodically throughout the day, and is not real time. Next week we will pause updating dashboard compliance data because Easter travel will affect the usual way we measure testing compliance.


As we announced last week, the College will return from Easter Break under an Orange alert status. With so many students traveling, this move is necessary to ensure a safe return to campus. The goal is to limit close contacts among students returning to campus. If you test positive, your only close contacts should be your roommates.

That means all dining will be carry out. Common areas in residence halls and study spaces across campus will be closed. Students will not be allowed to visit the rooms of other students. Commuting students who need a space to take remote classes will be able to use Hogan Suite A or 401. The Jo will be closed until at least Thursday. So far, we have not seen COVID transmission occurring at the Jo, and we know how important exercise is for our students’ physical and mental health. Therefore The Jo may be able to open before we return to Yellow status. We will update campus next week after examining the results of the mandatory testing days.


Interested in learning how to volunteer at regional COVID-19 vaccine sites? Please join us at noon Monday, April 5 for an informational lunch-and-learn with Lois Luniewich, coordinator for the Worcester Regional Medical Reserve Corps. Lois will share with us the volunteer process, including how to sign up and what to expect once you do.

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