Weekly Update

February 26, 2021

Campus remains at a Yellow Alert Level.


As of 9 a.m. Friday, here’s how our metrics look for the week:

  1. Total new positive cases: 8+1 externally reported (slightly up)
    1. 9 on-campus
    2. 0 off-campus
  2. 7-day positivity rate: 0.2 (unfavorably up)
  3. Isolation and quarantine capacity: 88% (unfavorably down)

As always, more info is available on our dashboard. Note that the dashboard metrics do not include tests conducted outside of our campus testing program. If discrepancies are noted, this is usually why. Additionally, the dashboard is updated periodically throughout the day, and is not realtime.


Earlier this week, we saw a small group of new positive cases among students living in Brooks Hall. In an effort to determine whether these were part of a larger cluster, students were asked Thursday morning to immediately get tested and quarantine in their rooms until those test results came back.

As of Friday afternoon, we are still monitoring the results of those tests. Students are being asked to remain in their rooms, leaving only to be tested or to pick up food to bring back to their room. We expect to have a better idea of the situation, and whether students who have tested negative and not been identified as close contacts can be released from quarantine, on Saturday morning.

These are precautionary measures. As an additional precaution, we’re having all the restrooms, common areas, entrances, and high touch surfaces deep cleaned by a third party. Employees whose work takes them into residence halls can safely work in Brooks while following all the normal precautions, including wearing a mask, staying physically distanced, and practicing proper hand hygiene. All positive students and close contacts have been moved to quarantine or isolation space.


It is important to make an appointment in HC Clear before going to The Jo to be tested. This helps us maintain distance between people, reduces lines, and makes the whole system run more efficiently.

You should also try to arrive at the time of your appointment, not earlier. Recently community members have been arriving early for their appointments, causing lines before the testing center is open for the day or after lunch. Please