Classes, Study Spaces and Office Hours Under Yellow Alert Status

February 8, 2021

As you know the College moved to Yellow alert status today. Thank you for all of your efforts to keep our community safe by testing twice a week, wearing your masks and maintaining six feet distance from each other. 


In yellow status, classes that were scheduled to be in-person will be conducted in person. In addition some of the classes that were scheduled as “other” will begin offering in-person components. We wanted to share guidelines for in-person classes: 

  • Everyone is required to be masked at all times and maintain 6 feet separation at all times.

  • The furniture in classrooms is set up to maintain 6 feet separation between students. The furniture should not be moved or turned to face each other.

  • Once you are in your seats in the classroom you should not move around the classroom. 

  • For lab and studio courses where you are required to move around, you must follow all of the safety protocols and ensure that you are not within six feet of each other for more than 15 minutes.

  • Classrooms that are being used for in-person classes are being left empty between classes to facilitate air exchange and to allow facilities staff to spot clean between classes. These spaces are NOT available as study spaces. You can find a list of available study spaces here.

  • Anyone using a shared space is encouraged to bring hand sanitizer and wipes to sanitize their hands and wipe down their desk. 

  • There can be no eating or drinking during classes or other in-person appointments.

  • You are expected to be clear through HC Clear before you attend any in-person class. This means that you must complete your symptom check before going to class and you must be up-to-date with the required testing. If you are not clear, do not go to class. Your faculty members may ask you to verify that you are clear. 

  • If you are feeling any symptoms, do not go to class. Please just let your faculty member know that you are not feeling well.

  • If you are placed in quarantine or isolation, please notify your faculty member. They are aware that you may need to access class remotely or have some other accommodation if you are sick or in quarantine. 

We realize that the classroom experience will be different --- for you and your faculty members. 

These rules, if followed closely, will ensure that students or faculty in class will not automatically be designated as “close contacts” of anyone who might test positive for the virus and will allow us to continue the semester together. 

Study Spaces

Most or all of your classes this semester are probably partially or fully online. In addition to the spaces available in Dinand and the Science library, or the common spaces available in the residence halls, there are unused classrooms that we have set aside for study space. You can find a list of those spaces and maximum capacities in the student section of the COVID Response website. You must be masked and maintain six feet separation in all of these spaces.

Given the limited capacity of the libraries, we recognize that you will primarily be taking your classes and doing your work in your residence hall room. In addition to doing things like using headphones where possible, we encourage you to talk to your roommate about how you will share the space and support one another in completing your academic work. 

Office Hours, Academic Support Services and Advising/Counseling Appointments

Most office hours, advising appointments and appointments with the counseling center or chaplains office will continue to be held online.  Academic support services from ASLR and the Writer’s Workshop will also continue online. Information about accessing tutoring from ASLR or meeting with a writing consultant through the Writer’s Workshop can be found on their websites.

We have set aside rooms for online counseling appointments and online appointments with a chaplain. Access to those rooms will be scheduled through the Counseling Center and the Chaplains Office. We have also set aside rooms for faculty to use for in-person, one-on-one meetings with students if needed.

We are pleased that many of us have been able to be together this semester. We will continue to offer many programs and co-curricular opportunities online in order to include the entire community, those who are here as well as those who continue to be remote. 

We hope that if we work together as a community we will have a successful spring semester.

Best Wishes,

Margaret Freije, Provost and Dean of the College
Michele Murray, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students