Pre-Arrival Testing

Jan. 6, 2021

What You Need to Know


  • Students living on campus MUST arrive with a negative COVID test
  • The College will send at-home test kits to students who live more than 10 miles away
  • Students who live in the area may schedule an on campus test for 72 hour before arrival

Dear Students,

Before classes begin, in order to cut down on quarantine time, it will be important for you to have two negative COVID tests. You must get the first of these tests before coming to campus.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Get your own PCR test at a testing location in your area 72 hours before leaving for campus
  • Use an at-home testing kit supplied by the College

We encourage students who are able to get their own test to do so. This will give you greater control over the timing, because the at-home kits must be mailed back to a lab. But either method will work.

Please note that this is a requirement. Do not arrive on campus without a negative PCR test result. Students who arrive without a negative test result in hand must quarantine. If you live within 250 miles of campus, according to our health and safety rules, you will be sent back to quarantine at home until you can produce negative test results. If you live farther away, you will be placed in a College-sponsored quarantine space for a minimum of five days.

Students who receive a positive result must contact Health Services and remain at home for the duration of their isolation period. Once you have recovered, you will follow the COVID Recovered Protocols listed below.

At-Home Kits

The College has partnered with Quest Diagnostics to send free at-home testing kits to students accessing campus this semester.

On Monday, Jan. 11, you will get another email with a link to register with Quest for the kit. It is important you register as soon as you get the email to allow time for the kit to get to you. This is especially important for any student moving in early on Jan. 18 and 19, including Residential Advisors, Kimball Captains and student athletes. Those students MUST register with Quest as soon as they get the email in order to get their testing kits on time.

Students Who Live Near Campus

Students who live within 10 miles of campus will NOT get an at-home kit. These students should schedule a test and come to campus 72 hours before arrival to be tested.

Off-Campus Students

We encourage students living off campus this semester to wait until the week before classes begin to move to the Worcester area. You should plan to arrive in time to be tested twice on non-consecutive days the week before you need to access campus for class or practice. If you are already in the area, we encourage you to start testing twice weekly now. Register for HC Clear and make an appointment today.

COVID Recovered Students

According to the Massachusetts COVID-19  Travel Order, being COVID recovered is NOT an exemption for compliance with the order. The state requests that anyone who previously had COVID-19 must either (a) quarantine upon arrival for 10 days, or (b) meet the testing requirement by obtaining a PCR test within 72 hours of arrival to the state.

If you take a test within 72 hours of your arrival and it comes back positive due to your previous infection, you can use the positive test result plus a note from your doctor documenting your previous diagnosis and recovery to satisfy the requirement. Once recovery has been documented by a medical professional and registered with Health Services, students will be exempted from the testing protocols for three months.

Safe Start

Students and families should begin to limit their exposure to people outside their immediate family now to ensure that arrivals are COVID-free. Avoid gatherings, limit visitors, use face masks, practice social distancing and hand hygiene. A safe and successful semester starts right now. Sincerely, Michele Murray, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students David Shettler, Director of COVID Response Operations Kelsey DeVoe, Director of Health Services