Employee COVID-19 Testing Information for January & Spring

Dec. 22, 2020

What You Need to Know

  • Testing will take place at the new recreation and wellness center on campus, “The Jo,” starting Jan. 4.

  • HC Clear is our new mobile website for daily symptom checking, scheduling test appointments and getting your test results. All employees must log-in with their Holy Cross Google account, and can stop using and uninstall the One Medical app.

  • An employee Return to Work Guide is attached with more information.

Dear Holy Cross employees,

Thank you for your continued flexibility, cooperation and unwavering commitment to the College of the Holy Cross as we manage the complexities of day-to-day operations during this extraordinary time.

We hope you have safe and happy holidays, and encourage you to read and adhere to the Massachusetts guidance on safe gatherings. 

We are writing to share with you important information about working on campus in 2021. Attached to this email, you will find the Return to Work Guide for employees. As we move into the spring semester and welcome more students back on campus, we will naturally need more employees on campus as well. But please keep in mind, we will continue to follow an “essential employee” model: Only employees with a specific need to be back on campus to complete essential functions should be working on campus.

With the start of the new year and the beginning of the January semester will come a number of updates to the College’s surveillance testing program. This email summarizes those changes. If you are scheduled to work on campus, please read this email carefully. This information is also available on the College’s COVID Response and Reopening website.

New Testing Provider

We are transitioning to a new testing center administrator, Triumvirate, that will take the place of our former testing site manager, One Medical. Triumvirate will operate our center for the January term, and into the Spring. Triumvirate is an existing partner of the College, and also is running a very successful testing center at WPI.

Testing samples will continue to be processed through the Broad Institute, the laboratory we have used since late summer. 

Going forward, all employees will use a new mobile website, HC Clear, which will replace the One Medical app. HC Clear will be the platform where employees: 

  1. Do their daily symptom screenings;

  2. Schedule appointments at the testing center;

  3. Check compliance with the symptom screening & testing requirements and;

  4. Review their test results (employees will also receive test results from the Broad, through their Care Evolve platform via email).

HC Clear is available on your smartphone or other web-enabled device at:


Employees will need to log in with their Holy Cross Google (email) account, and should bookmark the website on their phone or device for easy access. It is mandatory for all employees to ensure that they are able to log into their Holy Cross email account. Please direct all questions regarding Holy Cross email access to the ITS help desk via email at helpdesk@holycross.edu or by phone (508) 793-3548. 

Employees without smartphones can use kiosks on campus to access HC Clear.

New Testing Center Location Effective January 4th

The testing center will move to the gymnasium at the ‘Jo’, the new recreation center, effective January 4th. Testing center capacity and throughput will be dramatically increased in the new year to accommodate the increase in demand.

The testing process will change slightly. You will get in line with students and other employees, swipe your ID cards at the swipe stations, retrieve a printed barcode from the printer, and bring it to the specimen collection swabbing stations where you will be instructed on how to affix it to your sample vial and complete your test.

Hours for the testing center will be:

  • Mon: 8 a.m. to noon, and 1 p.m. to 6p.m.

  • Tue: 8 a.m. to noon, and 1 p.m. to 6p.m.

  • Wed (Late Day): 10 a.m. to noon, and 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.

  • Thu: 8 a.m. to noon, and 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Fri: 8 a.m. to noon, and 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

There will be no testing on the weekends.

Employee Testing Requirements

Based on an employee’s exposure to others on campus, employees will be required to test between one and three times a week. For example, employees who work on campus two or more days a week or have more than three hours of in-person contact with others will be tested once a week. Based on spring staffing plans, those who are required to test will get an email as the semester approaches alerting them of their testing frequency if there is a change to their testing frequency. 

Only employees who are approved by their department or division head to be on campus will be enrolled in testing. Your supervisor will inform you of your schedule for January and spring semester and HR will send employees an email explaining how to enroll in the testing program if the employee is new to the testing program. 

Employees are not permitted to test on campus:

  • If they are ill and experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. 

  • if they are not working on campus and enrolled in a surveillance testing profile;

  • To comply with the Massachusetts Travel Order;

  • For the sole purpose of getting tested on a day the employee is not scheduled to work on campus;

Employees who have been identified by their Departments as working remotely or coming to campus only once in a while will not need to participate in the College’s surveillance testing program. However, should an employee’s access to campus change over the course of the semester, and the employee starts to work on campus, the employee’s supervisor should contact Kate Kilby at kkilby@holycross.edu to enroll the employee in a testing profile. 

The purpose of the employee surveillance testing program is to prevent or mitigate COVID-19 outbreaks by identifying (i) those who have an active infection of COVID-19 and directing them to isolate and (ii) those who are close contacts of a positive case and directing them to quarantine. 

Employees MAY NOT come to campus to test if they are symptomatic and would like to be tested - they should contact their medical provider and request diagnostic testing. Employees who have symptoms of COVID-19 MUST contact their supervisor to tell them that they will be out of work, and then contact Human Resources to discuss the return to work process. 

If you are ill DO NOT REPORT TO WORK. 

The Return to Work Process 

The College has contracted with Reliant Medical Group to provide services to employees who report symptoms through HC Clear. Human Resources will handle all matters that relate to the return to work process following reporting of symptoms, a positive test or identification as a close contract. Employees should contact the Human Resources Office Coordinator, Melissa Cutroni, at (508) 793-3566 or via email at mcutroni@holycross.edu with any questions.   


Forward-Facing Office Consultations


Managers, and department heads with forward-facing offices may request a space review of that space to ensure the safest possible configuration. Forward-facing offices are offices that typically receive walk-in or scheduled appointments, such as the Bursar’s Office, Financial Aid, Admissions, etc. 

Consultations will happen in early January.

Space reviews are not being conducted on the offices of individuals. Individuals should avoid face-to-face meetings in their offices.

Universal ID Card Policy

For the security and safety of our community, the College has adopted a mandatory identification card policy that requires all faculty, staff and students to wear a visible Holy Cross-issued identification card at all times while on campus, unless doing so presents a safety or operational risk. Employees who have misplaced their ID, or have an ID card that malfunctions should click on this link to request a replacement ID card.

Breakaway-style lanyards are available in the Department of Public Safety and the Post Office. 

Spring Compliance Protocols

This spring, to keep our community safe, we will be using HC Clear to ensure COVID-19 compliance. To gain access to certain facilities, all faculty, staff and students will need to swipe their Holy Cross ID card at entrance terminals, which will verify that they’ve been tested in accordance with their requirements, they’ve completed their daily symptom screening, and that they are permitted to be on-campus.

Facilities where this will be employed include:

  1. The ‘Jo’ Recreation Center

  2. Kimball Main

  3. The Libraries

  4. The Luth Complex

You’ll be able to see your compliance on your own using HC Clear.

Compliance is real-time, meaning that if you are out of compliance because you haven’t tested recently, and you go and get a test, you will be immediately deemed compliant with a green checkmark in HC Clear. 

Real time compliance data will also be available for the Daily Symptom Checker. If you are in a testing profile and are required to check your symptoms before accessing campus, and you forget to fill out the Daily Symptom Checker, you will be marked as non compliant with a red X. To be compliant with your Daily Symptom Checker obligations, simply do your screening, and you’ll be immediately returned to a compliant status.

For Information Only: These are the Spring testing requirements for Students 

All students are required to test twice per week on non-consecutive days. Student athletes in competition are required to test more frequently. Students should work with their coaches to understand their specific requirements.

Anyone who is symptomatic may not go to the testing center. Students must contact Health Services immediately if they are experiencing symptoms.

Isolation and Quarantine Space Hotel

Isolation and quarantine space has been reserved both on and off-campus for students. We have contracted with Holiday-Inn Express in Worcester for off-campus quarantine and isolation space.

Student Move-In Protocols

Students will begin a staggered return to campus, with January term students returning starting Jan. 2. Students will be tested for COVID-19 on arrival and will quarantine until their results return. Should a student test positive, they will be moved to an isolation space.

As Fr. Boroughs reminded us in his recent email, it will take strict adherence to health and safety guidelines for us to be able to have a safe semester together. As he also noted, it is our Holy Cross tradition to work together, with generosity of spirit. We are confident that we will all approach COVID compliance with that spirit and that 2021 will see us successfully start the transition to a more normal campus experience. 


David Shettler, Director of COVID Response Operations
David Achenbach, Chief Human Resources Officer
Kelsey DeVoe, Director of Health Services