Billing and Financial Aid Information

Aug. 20, 2020

Dear Students,

Your revised bill and financial aid package are available in STAR and Touchnet. While every student’s situation can be slightly different, we want to call your attention to the overall changes that have been made.

Billing Charges

Billing charges were modified in the following ways:

  • If you have been approved to live on campus, your billing charges include tuition, the health service fee and standard room and board charges. We have deducted the student activities fee from your bill. This is a decrease of $360.

  • If you were approved to live off campus before August 10, 2020, your billing charges include tuition only. We have deducted the health services fee and the student activities fee. This is a decrease of $540. 

  • If you are now a remote learner, your billing charges include tuition only. We have deducted the health services fee, the student activities fee and any room and board charges. This is a decrease of $8320 (for students who were previously charged the standard room and board fee.)

  • Please note that any student who is not living on campus but is approved to have access to campus will be subject to an additional fee to cover the cost of health services and testing. 

Financial Aid Modifications

Your level of financial need was recalculated based on the new billing charges and overall cost of attendance. Your financial aid package was recalculated based on that new need level. While each student’s individual circumstances are different, there were a couple of general principles.

  • Federal Work Study was not included as part of any revised financial aid package since we could not guarantee appropriate student employment opportunities. If your revised need level still qualifies for work study we replaced that with a COVID-19 grant for the appropriate amount. Please note that if you have been approved to live on campus, we have not yet reviewed your Federal Work Study eligibility in order to make the appropriate modifications to your package.

  • We did not make any changes to any merit scholarships (e.g., Magis, Faber or Holy Cross Merit Scholarships).

  • Ordinarily need-based grants were reduced by no more than $5320. However, Holy Cross need-based grants cannot exceed billing charges.

  • Likewise, students who are the recipients of athletic scholarships also had their scholarship recalculated based on the revised charges. Athletic scholarships cannot exceed billing charges.

  • In some cases because your need level changed a portion of your loans were changed from subsidized to unsubsidized based on federal regulations.

Next Steps

If you have a credit balance on your account you can apply this credit to next semester’s charges or you can request a refund.  You do not need to do anything if you would like to apply the credit to future charges. If you would like to request a refund you should submit a Refund Request Form (available on the  Bursar’s Refund Page) via your Holy Cross email. Refunds from 529 payments may only be returned to the student.

If you have a balance on your account, please submit payment by August 28, 2020.

If you have questions about your bill, you can contact the Bursar’s Office at

If you have questions about the modifications to your financial aid package, please contact the financial aid office at


Sheila Coakley

Nicole Cunningham
Director of Financial Aid