Why Redesign?

In October of 2004, a group of 19 individuals representative of the College's major divisions and constituent groups were asked by Public Affairs, in connection with the Marketing and Branding Strategic Planning effort, to participate in a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of the Holy Cross Web site and new media as marketing communications tools. This ad hoc group, the Web and Electronic Communications Steering Committee (WECSC), considered a broad variety of resources, information and research over a period of four months to arrive at several recommendations put forth in their summary report of March 2005. Foremost among the recommendations was a site redesign done in collaboration with an expert consultant. That recommendation was approved during the summer of 2005 by Fr. McFarland.

For additional information on the work of WECSC please see:


The redesign aims to help the college achieve several goals:

  • elevate the public perception and the national visibility of the College
  • create a look-and-feel online that more accurately reflects the quality/excellence, mission and culture of the College
  • maximize the site's effectiveness as a marketing and communications tool
  • improve the experiences users have with the site