Project Structure

Work on the redesign project commmenced in the summer of 2005 with the selection of a core project team: Fr. McFarland, Frank Vellaccio, Ellen Ryder, Ann McDermott, Bob Henry, Jayne Fox, Kristine Caputo; and a Web consulting firm expert in the field of higher education Web sites -- BigBad, Inc. BigBad has worked with a variety of colleges and universities including: Fairfield University Harvard Law School, Middlebury College, Providence College and Smith College. For more information on BigBad visit

In addition to the core project team, individuals who participated in the WECSC analysis or the discovery meetings will be consulted for feedback on the project deliverables as needed. If you are interested in getting involved in the project, please contact us for more information.

The project will have six major phases:

1.0 Strategic Analysis
Consists of discovery meetings, review of background research and publications, inventory of site assets and development of site strategy.
Will result in the production of a strategic plan for the redesign.

2.0 Visual Design
Includes development of visual concepts based on the strategic plan for the site.
Will result in the production of one home page design and ten sub-page designs.

3.0 Build
Includes conversion of the visual designs and strategy into XHTML and Java templates for the content management system.
Will result in production of approximately 2000 converted Web pages, some static, some dynamically displayed.

4.0 Quality Assurance
Includes testing of the completed Web pages and content management items, completion of the new site style guide and training on use of the new templates and styles.

5.0 Initial Launch - Stage 1
Includes integration of approximately 2000 redesigned pages into the site and creation of a plan for conversion of the remaining site pages.

6.0 Conversion and Launch - Stage 2
Will consist of systematic conversion of sites not redesigned during the initial phase with ongoing launches as sites are converted, either into content management or as static XHTML pages.

The timeline provides an outline of the schedule for each phase.