Web Publishing Procedures

This document covers how to use an SFTP [Secure File Transfer Protocol] client to publish files to the Holy Cross web site.

1. Request Web Space

To publish web pages, you will need to request permission from the Office of Public Affairs by completing and submitting a ServiceDesk ticket.

When completing your ticket, please use Help.Web as your request area. Complete instructions can be found here.

You'll be contacted when your request has been approved.

Permission to edit pages on department web sites will require the approval of the appropriate department head.

ITS will remove account permissions and associated Web files one year after termination or graduation.

2. Server Location

You will be assigned server space on one of four main web servers based on the choices you make when completing that form.

  • www.holycross.edu - hosts official college pages including department accounts.
  • intranet.holycross.edu - hosts college pages that require on-campus limited access.
  • college.holycross.edu - hosts faculty, student, special project and organization web pages. 
  • stage.holycross.edu - hosts new site development, site redesigns and work study or other collaborative web projects (limited to on-campus access).

3. Choosing FTP Software

Once your account has been established, you will need to install and configure software that will allow you to use SFTP to publish files to the web servers.  The college offers several options: Dreamweaver MX (MAC & PC), Core FTP (PC), and Fetch (MAC). If you already have a favorite FTP tool, feel free to use that if it allows you to publish using SFTP or SCP (Secure Copy), but ITS will only support Dreamweaver MX 2004, Core FTP and Fetch.