Did You Know?

Poet Elizabeth Bishop was born in Worcester in 1911. Bishop won virtually every poetry prize in the country, including the 1956 Pulitzer.

By The Numbers

In 1902, Worcester resident Albert Michelson was the first to measure the speed of light. His invention made of mirrors recorded a speed of 186,355 miles per second.

Word on Worcester

Worcester Road Sign

Whether you're a high school student looking at colleges or a current Holy Cross student looking for some excitement, the Word on Worcester is designed to help you discover and take advantage of all the culture and excitement the city offers.

You'll learn where to shop for famous labels and thrift-store finds; where to look for cheap late-night diners and luscious gourmet restaurants. You'll find out what's happening at night, from poetry readings to hip-hop dance parties. You'll learn about this New England city's long history and its fascinating trivia, and you'll discover how to put your education to practical use with local internships and community-based learning.