Meet the 2014 Summer Orientation Leaders

Sam Zurn ’15, Head Orientation Leader

Sam Zurn ’15, Head Orientation Leader

Hometown: South Yarmouth, MA
Major: Psychology
Co-Curricular Involvements: Admissions Tour Guide, International & Spring Break Immersion Programs, Manresa and Escape Retreats, Club Ultimate Frisbee
Plans after HC: I hope to gain some work experience that allows me to travel, potentially in college admissions, then pursue a master’s degree.
What does it mean to “Live the Mission?”: To live with a curiosity and passion for discovering solutions in this world that not only better oneself as an individual, but also those in one’s community.


Jacqueline Saltarelli ’15, Program Coordinator

Jacqueline Saltarelli ’15, Program Coordinator

Hometown: Wilton, CT
Major: Sociology
Minor and/or Concentration: Peace and Conflicts Studies
Co-curricular Involvement: Campus Activities Board (CAB), Relay for Life, College Honors Program, Women's Spirituality Group, Spring Break Immersion
Plans after HC: To do a year of service after graduation, pursue a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration or Non-Profit Administration, and to travel as much as possible. 
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?" To reflect on where your true passions lie, to step out of your comfort zone to pursue the truth, to listen to people and understand them for who they are, and to take an active role in positively influencing people, both on and off campus. 


Student Orientation Leaders


Asmani Adhav ’17
Hometown: Westwood, MA
Major: Undeclared
Co-curricular Involvement: Girl's Choice (Student Programing for Urban Development), Admissions Tour Guide, Interfaith Council, American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Plans after HC: Medical school, and hopefully residency at a Boston-area hospital.
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?" To become the very best version of yourself through hard work and dedication not only for your future, but for those people that influence you and are influenced by you.


Felishia Barros ’15
Hometown: Boston, MA
Major: Psychology & Religion
Co-Curricular Involvement: Resident Assistant (RA)
Plans after HC: Nursing School
What does it mean to "Live the Mission"?: To embrace the diversity that surrounds you on campus.


Emily Breakell ’17
Hometown: Harwinton, CT
Major: Undeclared
Co-curricular Involvement: Student Government Association (SGA) Intern, Off the Record Acapella Group, Mulledy House Council Secretary and Treasurer, Community Based Learning/ Student Programing for Urban Development (SPUD), Interfaith Council, Kimball Student Worker
Plans after HC: Meet a lot of new people, learn a lot of new things, and hopefully find a career that makes the world more awesome.
What does it mean to “Live the Mission?”: To live a life rooted in passion and reflection, true to one’s identity and understanding of the world.


Erin Clifford ’15
Hometown: Morristown, NJ
Major: Psychology
Minor and/or Concentration: French and Philosophy
Co-Curricular Involvement: Spring Break Immersion, Alternate College Theater (ACT), French Film Club, ABiGaLe/Allies, Study Abroad Full-Year Program, Kenya Immersion Program, 10-Spot Musical Performances, Manresa and Escape Retreats
Plans after HC: Possibly entering the Jesuit Volunteer Corps for a year and then pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology
What does it mean to "Live the Mission"?:  To “live the mission” means sharing the passions, talents, and mutual respect that you develop here at Holy Cross with our global society, supporting others’ exploration, and learning from your community through a dialogue of core human questions.


Emily Conn ’16, Student Coordinator for the Parent Program
Hometown: Melrose, MA
Major: English
Co-Curricular Involvement: Resident Assistant (RA), Escape Retreat Leader, College Choir, Lector, Liturgical Coordinator
Plans After HC: To “go forth and set the world on fire!”
What does it mean to “Live the Mission”?: To discover what you are passionate about and to use those passions to make the world a better place, not merely by serving others, but by taking the time to listen to their stories and to truly understand them!


Erin Connolly ’17
Hometown: Mahopac, NY
Major: International Studies
Co-Curricular Involvement: Admissions Outreach, Kimball Student Worker, Relay for Life, Club Field Hockey, Student Programing for Urban Development (SPUD) Volunteer
Plans after HC: To pursue a career in the Foreign Service sector, hopefully at the Department of Defense.
What does it mean to “Live the Mission”?: To me, living the mission is to experience personal and intellectual growth while working towards change in your community. 


G.Matthew Greco ’17
Hometown: Eagleville, Pa
Major: Chinese / Philosophy
Co-Curricular Involvement: Varsity Cross Country Team, Varsity Track & Field Team, Student Government Association (SGA) Senate, House Council Environment Liaison, Liturgical Ministry Greeter
Plans after HC: Travel to Australia for a year of service, then return to the United States for Law School. 
What does it mean to “Live the Mission”? To me, living the mission means going out into the world and acting as a “man or woman for others” and using the skills and knowledge learned from Holy Cross to impact the world in a positive way. 


Hunter Hudgins ’17
Hometown: Renton, WA
Major: Biology
Minor/Concentration: Pre-Medical
Co-Curricular Involvement: Dr. Interns Club, Big Brothers of Central Mass., Varsity Football Team
Plans after HC: Go to medical school and study to become an Orthopedic Surgeon, or go to Physical Therapy school, and own my own Physical Therapy practice.
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?": To not simply talk about the mission, but to truly make it a part of your life, unable to be separated from your life. This mission is to make yourself and others as great as you and they can possibly be, “for the greater glory of God!”


Emily Loy ’16
Hometown: Gales Ferry, CT
Major: Chemistry
Minor and/or Concentration: Teacher Education Program
Co-curricular Involvement: Resident Assistant (RA), member of Autism Awareness, tutoring at local elementary school, and Commencement Usher 
Plans after HC: Teaching high school chemistry or working with Teach For America
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?": To me, “live the mission” is embracing the Jesuit tradition of “being men and women for and with others” while creating an environment that allows academic, spiritual and moral growth for every member of the Holy Cross community.


Kevin Madrigal ’15
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Major: Economics
Co-Curricular Involvement: Resident Assistant (RA), Student Photographer, Economics Tutor
Plans After HC: I plan to attend business or medical school
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?": To “live the mission” means to be aware of the problems that arise around us and doing our part to attend to them.


Patrick Maloney ’16
Hometown: Mansfield, MA
Major: Political Science & Spanish
Minor and/or Concentration: Latin American and Latino Studies 
Co-Curricular Involvement: Resident Assistant (RA), Student Government Association (SGA), Admissions Tour Guide, Weekend Workshop on Reflection and Journaling, Escape Retreat Leader, Spring Break and International Immersion Programs 
Plans after HC: Teach English abroad in Spain or Latin America for a year or do a year or two of service such as Teach for America or Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Eventually get a job advocating for Immigrants or dealing with other issues affecting the Spanish speaking world, and continue my education in Spanish or International Relations. 
What does it mean to "Live the Mission"?: To live each day with an intentionality that allows you to ask questions, explore the world, meet new people, experience unique moments and create relationships, bonds and connections with those people and places around you. 


Nick Mastas ’17
Hometown: Lowell, MA
Major: Chemistry
Minor and/or Concentration: Pre-Health Professions, Chinese
Co-Curricular Involvement: Student Programing for Urban Development (SPUD), Admissions Outreach and Tour Guide, Club Ultimate Frisbee, American Medical Student Association (AMSA), Intramurals
Plans after HC: Potential career in medicine or engineering.
What does it mean to “Live the Mission”?: Always strive to help others in any way you can. A helpful hand really can go a long way and even form relationships you could never have imagined.


Adam McAfee ’15
Hometown: Nashua, NH
Major: Psychology
Minor and/or Concentration: Peace and Conflict Studies
Co-Curricular Involvement: Admissions volunteer, Psychology Student Advisory Committee (SAC), Student Programing for Urban Development (SPUD) Site Leader, and WCHC Radio
Plans after HC: Attend graduate school to pursue a career in Psychodiagnosis or School Psychology.
What does it mean to "Live the Mission"?: To engage with other people making the best of our time. To not only take advantage of Holy Cross, but to add something back into it leaving a legacy behind.


Michael Miliano ’15
Hometown: Gorham, ME
Major: Sociology, English  
Co-Curricular Involvement: Club Ultimate Frisbee, Intramural Basketball Referee 
Plans After HC: Hoping to find meaningful employment in an area that is both engaging and respectable. Hopefully I’ll be somewhere in the North, living in the snow!
What does it mean to “Live the Mission”?: To demonstrate and exemplify a set of strong moral values and to make an impact on the lives of my peers.  


John Milligan ’17
Hometown: Sandwich, MA
Major: History and Political Science
Co-curricular Involvement: Student Programing for Urban Development (SPUD) Volunteer, Resident Assistant (RA), Mock Trial Team, House Council, and Admissions Outreach
Plans after HC: Possibly attending law school and eventually pursuing a career in government.
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?": I think living the mission is finding something that you enjoy doing and that you feel helps develop you as a person, that also helps you become a “man or woman for and with others.”


Vanessa Moscatello ’15
Hometown: Township of Washington, NJ
Major: Sociology
Minor: Deaf Studies
Co-curricular Involvement: American Sign Language (ASL) Club, Best Buddies, Big Brother Big Sister, Latin American Student Organization (LASO)
Plans after HC: Either pursue a Masters of Social Work, give a year of service to a L’Arche community, or find a job in Student Affairs.
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?" To recognize all that has been given to you and be able to give back to others through service. To “live the mission” is to live a reflective and intentional life by asking questions and looking for answers on how to better your life and the lives of others.


Ndia Olivier ’15
Hometown: Somerville, MA     
Major: Psychology
Co-curricular Involvement: Student Programing for Urban Development (SPUD),  Fusion Hip Hop Dance Team, Resident Assistant (RA), Student Advisory Board for ALANA Recruitment (SABAR) Co-Chair
Plans after HC: Graduate school to become a child psychologist
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?": To be able to appreciate and fully commit to all of the opportunities you are given and at the end of the day being able to give back to those in need. 


Victoria Paulino ’16, Student Coordinator for the Student Program
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Major: Political Science
Co-Curricular: Students for Life, Student Advisory Board for ALANA Recruitment (SABAR), Kimball Captain, Office of Student Affairs Intern, Political Science Student Advisory Committee, House Council 
Plans after HC: Join the Peace Corp for two years then go to graduate school to get my Ph.D in Political Science 
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?": Living the mission to me means taking the time to learn about the people around you by hearing their stories and sharing your own. In doing so, you will be able to see the rich diversity at Holy Cross and truly appreciate and learn from it! 



Ameer Phillips '17
Hometown: Stoughton MA
Major: Economics and Spanish
Co-curricular Involvement: Co-chair of the Caribbean African Student Assemblage (CASA), Secretary of House Council, Fusion Hip Hop Team, Student Advisory Board for ALANA Recruitment (SABAR)
Plans after HC: Attaining a master's degree in Economics
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?" For me, to "live the mission" is to take the skills and experiences you learn from Holy Cross and expand upon them throughout your life. It means that after you have grown academically and ethically from attending this school, you go out into the world and make a difference by sharing that growth with others.


Matthew Regan ’15
Hometown: Medford, MA
Major: Spanish and English
Co-Curricular Involvement: Holy Cross Mock Trial, Relay for Life, Spanish Student Advisory Committee (SAC)
Plans after HC: Pursue a career in advertising: one that will challenge my creativity and provide me a platform to continue to travel globally.
What does it mean to "Live the Mission"?: In my opinion, “live the mission” signifies embracing the opportunities that you are privileged to have, loving those who care for you by helping them not solely when they are in need, and collecting everything that you learn as a Crusader and applying that to your life after Mount Saint James.


Oswaldo (Oz) Subillaga ’16
Hometown: Ozone Park, NY
Major: Political Science
Minor and/or Concentration: Pre-Health
Co-Curricular Involvement: Latin American Student Organization (LASO),  English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Tutor — Worcester County Jail, College Democrats, Manresa Retreat, American Medical Student Association (AMSA).
Plans after HC: For some time I have been thinking about teaching, after which I would definitely love to attend medical school.
What does it mean to "Live the Mission"?: To me, it entails embracing Holy Cross’ mission statement and wholeheartedly stepping out of our comfort zone to grow as a person. These reflective experiences will unquestionably both prepare us and motivate us to have a positive impact on our communities.



Flavia Sula ’17
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Major: English
Co-Curricular Involvements: Spring Break Immersion Program, Best Buddies
Plans after HC: Hopefully live in Boston, working at a publishing house while also pursuing a Master's degree.
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?": To me, living the mission means to live a full life by consciously aiming to be at your best each and every day. It means to be a man or woman for others; you should aspire to positively influence those around you while also learning who you are and what you are capable of doing.


Kevin Torres ’16
Hometown: New Haven, CT
Major: Sociology/Computer Science
Co-curricular Involvement: Multicultural Peer Educator (MPE), Latin American Student Organization (LASO),  Black Student Union (BSU), the Writer's Workshop
Plans after HC: Hopefully, I will be able to combine what I learned in sociology with my computer science skills in order to create programs that make life easier.
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?": Living the mission, I think, is different from person to person. Personally, I believe that living the mission means to strive to be a better person, a person that cares for others. It is a person who can relate to others and empathize with others no matter what their background is.


Jessica Vozella ’17
Hometown: Wakefield, MA
Major: Undeclared
Co-curricular Involvement: Liturgical Ministry, Student Programing for Urban Development (SPUD) Volunteer, Students for Life, Latin American Student Organization (LASO), Spring Break Immersion, Admissions Outreach, Intramural Volleyball
Plans after HC: I am undecided, but thinking about law school or teaching!
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?": To me, it means being the best person you can be by learning about yourself and the world around you. It means looking for the good in everything and using your education and experience to live for others!


Tyler Wright ’16
Hometown: Waterboro, ME
Major: Psychology
Minor and/or Concentration: N/A
Co-curricular Involvement: Varsity Swim Team, Campus Activities Board (CAB), HC Goes Unified, Radio DJ, Spring Break Immersion, Manresa Retreat, Student Athlete Advisory Committee
Plans after HC: Continue to study psychology and put myself into a career where I can best help those around me.
What does it mean to "Live the Mission?": Live the mission to me means to help those in need while learning from both the people around you, as well as from every experience you encounter.


Connor Zanini ’17
Hometown: Hopkinton, MA
Major: Undeclared
Co-Curricular Involvement: HC Golf Club, Student Programing for Urban Development (SPUD), Noyce Tutor, House Council, Relay For Life, Admissions Outreach, Spring Break Immersion
Plans after HC: After graduation, I hope to have a secure job that I love to wake up for each and every morning. 
What does it mean to “Live the Mission?”: To me, in order to “live the mission” one must develop an understanding of who they are as a person, what they believe in, and how they interact with their community. As a result, “living the mission” means immersing yourself in the Holy Cross community, taking advantage of all the spectacular opportunities this college provides its students with while staying true to who you are as an individual the entire time.