Message from the Class Dean


Dear Members of the Class of 2019:

Welcome to Holy Cross! As Dean of the Class of 2019, I will have the honor and pleasure of working closely with you over the next four years, guiding you and helping you develop your academic plan to make the most of your time at the College. I have taught English at Holy Cross for 15 years, and now I am excited to move into a new role as Class Dean. One of my first responsibilities is to invite you and your parents to participate in our summer orientation program, called Gateways.

There are two primary objectives of the Gateways program:

1. Helping you to develop a preliminary academic plan: prior to your Gateways session, you will receive the First-Year Student Guide, a booklet filled with information about our curriculum, campus and residence life, and dining and student services. The guide will explain how to find information about the courses available to you by using the First-Year Student Website. During Gateways, you will have the opportunity to meet individually with a faculty advisor. I encourage you to review the course information so that you will be ready to discuss with your advisor the development of an academic plan that reflects your personal interests. At that time, you will also find it helpful to discuss your preference for your Montserrat seminar so that you will be ready to submit these preferences on-line after Gateways. At the conclusion of your advising session, you will complete a Course Preference Form for the fall semester. Later in the summer, you will be automatically enrolled in a Montserrat seminar. In August, using your Course Preference Form as a guide, you will go online to complete your enrollment in your remaining fall courses.

2.  Introducing you to people, resources, and opportunities at Holy Cross: one of the most valuable parts of the Gateways experience is meeting members of the Holy Cross community and hearing about the exciting variety of programs and opportunities that will be available to you over the next four years.  We hope that this orientation program will answer many of your questions and ease your transition to life at Holy Cross.

All students, whether they attend Gateways or not, will have access to a special toll-free hotline to help with course selection. Information about the toll-free hotline will be included in the First- Year Student Guide.  Also, please keep in mind that there will be another opportunity to meet with faculty advisors later this summer when you arrive on campus.  So, if you can't make it to Gateways or need to make any last minute adjustments, you will have the chance!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have. You may call my office at 508-793-2532, or reach me via email at I will use email often to keep in touch and share information, so please activate and check often your Holy Cross email account.

I look forward to meeting you soon and guiding you as the Dean of the Class of 2019.

Shawn Lisa Maurer
Dean of the Class of 2019