For Students

Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America, by Linda Tirado
readingAs the haves and have-nots grow more separate and unequal in America, the working poor donít get heard from much. Now they have a voiceóand itís forthright, funny, and just a little bit furious.

Here, Linda Tirado tells what itís like, day after day, to work, eat, shop, raise kids, and keep a roof over your head without enough money. She also answers questions often asked about those who live on or near minimum wage: Why donít they get better jobs? Why donít they make better choices? Why do they smoke cigarettes and have ugly lawns? Why donít they borrow from their parents?

By addressing our cultural stereotypes and preconceptions about what it means to live on low-wage jobs without a safety net, Hand to Mouth challenges us to think about what it might truly be like to be "men and women for and with others."