Roommates and Housing Assignments

First-Year Students

  • Incoming first-year students receive a First Year Rooming Preferences form through their Holy Cross email that the fill out using the STAR system. The First Year Rooming Preferences form will be emailed out to incoming students at the end of May. Using this online form, first-year s can indicate a number of preferences. Please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life with any questions.
  • Incoming first-year students are randomly assigned a residence hall room and roommate(s) during the summer according to their Montserrat Cluster and based on their Housing Request Form preferences. Montserrat Clusters are determined through the Montserrat Program.All first-year students will be housed in Mulledy, Wheeler, Hanselman and Halls.
  • The Office of Residence Life and Housing will make an effort to honor all mutual roommate requests but cannot guarantee any request or that there will not be three people assigned to the room. Mutual roommate requests will only be reviewed if the roommates are housed in Montserrat Clusters within the same building.
  • Students requiring handicapped accessible accommodations should contact the Associate Dean for Student Development, Dr. Neal Lipsitz at 508-793-3693 or

Residential Programs

All incoming first-year students will take part in Montserrat, a newly developed full year program designed to connect three parts of college life-learning, living and doing. Take a closer look at Montserrat.

Roommates and Housing Assignments

Notification regarding roommate(s) and housing assignments will be emailed to students by August 1, 2012. Information will be provided as to how you can look up your assignments and roommate(s) information using the STAR System.

Upper Class Students

How are room assignments for upper class students made?
Currently enrolled students participate in a Housing Selection Process each spring. This process follows the rules and priorities listed below:

  • Priority to juniors first, sophomores second and first-year students last.

A percentage of Mulledy, and all of Wheeler and Hanselman Halls is held for first-year students and not available in the Housing Selection Process.