Wheeler Hall

Wheeler Hall

Wheeler Hall has a rich history of traditions and hall pride. Named after Rev. John D. Wheeler, S.J., Wheeler Hall opened on January 2, 1940. The only underclassmen hall not located on Easy Street, this corridor-style hall houses our first-year Montserrat Divine and Self clusters. Wheeler is supervised by nine Resident Assistants (RAs), one Head Resident Assistant (HRA), one graduate assistant, and the Associate Director of Orientation and Residence Life.

Recently renovated summer of 2010, Wheeler has various common areas for residents to enjoy throughout the year. They include a social room with a big screen TV, a recreation/video game room, seminar room used for studying and classes, laundry facilities, and kitchen area with a microwave, stove and complete cooking facilities. Each year the Wheeler House Council sponsors various activities that aid in maintaining the hall’s tight-knit community. The brick patio area and grass hill behind Wheeler is commonly known as “Wheeler Beach,” where students often play stickball, as well as enjoy building wide events such as Chateau de Wheeler and BBQs.

In each room, you will find one desk, desk chair, desk lamp, overhead lighting, dresser, and bed per occupant. Rooms are approximately 10' x 20' and have tiled floors. Every room has a window and fire-retardant drapes. The twin beds are extra long. "College size" sheets are recommended.

Here is a floor plan for a typical room in Wheeler Hall. Click on floor plan for a large view.

Wheeler Floor Plan