Clark Hall

Clark Hall

Clark is located on Easy Street between Mulledy and Hanselman and houses 192 students, primarily freshmen and sophomores. First-year students in the Substance-Free Living Program reside in Clark. Clark was completed in 1962 and named after Rev. James Clark, S.J., who was President of Holy Cross from 1861-1867. Clark has one Head Resident Assistant (HRA), seven Resident Assistants (RAs), and a Community Development Coordinator (CDC), a professional staff member who lives on the second floor.

Clark’s basement houses a study room, a social room with a TV, an activity room with a pool table, and card and coin-operated laundry facilities. Also in the basement is a kitchen with a microwave and dishwasher.

Clark Hall has a Substance- Free housing option for second-year students. Students who participate choose a lifestyle that is free from tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. More information about Substance-Free Housing

Rooms are 12’ x 18’ and have tiled floors. Every room has a window and fire-retardant drapes. Each bed is a twin and uses extra long sheets ("college size" sheets are recommended). You will find one desk, desk chair, dresser, bookcase, and bed per occupant.

Here is a floor plan for a typical room in Clark Hall. Click on floor plan for a large view.

Clark floor plan