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Important Information

For general information on renting an apartment in Massachusetts, and your rights as a tenant see:
The Attorney General's Consumer Guide to Tenants'
Rights (pdf).


Make sure your apartment has enough off-street parking available for each tenant's automobile.  Many streets in the College Hill neighborhood have resident permit parking only. This means you cannot park on the street without a resident permit. To be eligible for the permit you must be a Worcester resident, pay excise tax on your vehicle to the City of Worcester, register your vehicle in Massachusetts and insure your car in Worcester. On a year-to-year basis, the college has offered a limited number of parking permits for students living off-campus.  Consult the Department of Public Safety web page for more information. 

Parking Ban:

The City of Worcester has a parking ban in effect from December 1st through March 31st on many streets including College street. Automobiles that violate the ban are towed.  The ban prohibits cars from being parked in identified areas between 2:00am and 6:00am and eliminates parking in other areas. Pay attention to signs and information listed in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette for specific information about your street. 


This committee is comprised of students, neighbors, landlords, City Councilors, and College administrators. It meets monthly to address issues of mutual concern of neighbors and students. For more information, contact Tim Kelley at TDKELL09@holycross.edu.

Telephone Numbers

Emergency - 508-793-2222
Off-campus Emergency - 911
Public Safety (routine calls) - 508-793-2224
Health Services - 508-793-2276
Switchboard (off-campus) - 508-793-2011
Switchboard (on-campus) - 0
Office of Student Affairs - 508-793-2411
Chaplains' Office - 508-793-2448
Worcester Police Department - 508-799-8600
Worcester Fire Department - 508-799-1816