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Gateways International Student Orientation

Gateways International Student Orientation is designed to assist you in your transition to U.S. culture and education. This special orientation will assist you in taking care of important personal matters such as setting up a bank account, receiving information on and/or purchasing a cell phone, meeting with Health Services personnel, and shopping for essential supplies. Additionally, you will receive helpful information on U.S. Immigration requirements, U.S. cultural adjustments, academic expectations, and campus support services. This is the ideal time to meet faculty, staff and student leaders who will serve as resources for you as you acclimate to life at Holy Cross.

We strongly encourage all international students to participate in this special orientation, which is completely free of charge — all meals, on-campus housing and activity costs will be covered by the College for the duration of the program. International students who are invited to participate in the Passport Program would attend Gateways International Student Orientation July 27-30, 2016.  For those international students participating in the Odyssey program, Gateways International Student Orientation will be August 17 - 20, 2016. Immediately following Orientation, the Odyssey Program begins. Registration for ISO is part of the registration system for Passport and Odyssey. See those websites to register.