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The Intramural program includes several on-campus sports leagues & recreation events open to all members of the Holy Cross community.  Upon registration of an intramural team, participants have the opportunity to play against other Holy Cross teams in weekly league play, culminating in an Intramural League Championship.

Current Intramural Leagues:

    Fall 2016 1st Quarter
    Deadline to Register 9/8/16
    7v7 Flag Football
    7v7 Men's Outdoor Soccer
    7v7 Co-Ed Outdoor Soccer
    6v6 Co-Ed Indoor Volleyball

    Fall 2014 2nd Quarter
    Deadline to Register 10/27/16
    3v3 Co-Ed Basketball 
    5v5 Wiffleball
    6v6 Dodgeball

    Spring 2017 3rd Quarter
    Deadline to Register 2/2/17
    5v5 Indoor Soccer
    6v6 Inner Tube Water Polo

    Spring 2017 4th Quarter
    Deadline to Register 3/27/17
    5v5 Men's Basketball
    5v5 Women's Basketball
    9v9 Co-Ed Softball