Boston Excursion

Welcome to NJSLC 2012!

While we have plenty in store for you on our lovely campus and its surrounding areas, we’ve also been hard at work planning a trip into Boston!  On Thursday, July 26th, we will all take a ride from Holy Cross into Boston and enjoy what this great city has to offer—on your own terms! We will leave Holy Cross at 3:00pm and arrive at Boston’s historic Quincy Market by 4:15pm.  Then, at 7:30pm, we will leave from Quincy Market and travel to our fellow Jesuit institution, Boston College, for a dessert reception. 

This packet outlines some of the highlights of what the surrounding Boston area has to offer. If you are familiar with Boston, we encourage you to do whatever you please. Boston has a lot to offer, so we recommend that if you are not familiar with the city, that you please follow our suggestions. We hope this is a fun and relaxing experience for every participant in the conference!

          You might also find the following links helpful when preparing for the Boston Excursion:

  1. MBTA
  2. Top 50 Restaurants
  3. Tours
  4. Rose Kenedy Greenway

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to get in contact with the NJSLC 2012 Executive Team. Their contact information is listed on the final page of this document.


Christopher Gillis ‘14
NJSLC 2012 Director of Transportation


You can download the Boston Excursion here: NJSLC Boston Excursion