Student Life

JAA Recognition Awards

Publications Awards

Multifaceted communication projects appropriate to this category include the areas of public relations, media relations, community relations, admissions, general marketing and internal information. You may submit an individual piece, periodicals, or a series. Awards will be given in two areas:

  • Brochures and collateral material
  • University magazines

Deadline: All entries must be received by Friday April 16, 2010

Your Submission

  1. Print and fill out the entry form.
  2. Narrative: In three pages or less, describe what you hoped to achieve when you began the project (goals); how you developed and implemented it (in house or external staff or combination); budget for the whole project; and how you measured its effectiveness in relation to your goals.
  3. Send three complete sets of the entry form, narrative, and any additional material that illustrates your entry (publications, brochures, collateral, videos/DVDs, etc.) to:

    Kim Costanzo
    Office of Marketing and Printing Services
    Xavier University
    3800 Victory Parkway
    Cincinnati, OH 45207-7750
    (513) 745-1934

    4. Entries cannot be returned unless you make arrangements with the category chair in advance.

    5. Send copy of entry form/s and fee payment under separate mailing to the address listed below:

Entry Fee

  1. Cost per entry: $30
  2. Checks made out to: College of the Holy Cross (please reference JAA Recognition Awards in the memo section)
  3. Copy of each entry form and total payment should be mailed to:

    Suzanne Morrissey
    Editor, Holy Cross Magazine
    College of the Holy Cross
    1 College St.
    Worcester MA 01610