Student Life

Advancement Services Track

Track Chairs: Brenda Ricard, Associate VP for Operations & Planning, University Advancement, Boston College; Paul Lynch, Director of Advancement Services and Online Services, LeMoyne College; Jeannie Murphy, Executive Director of Alumni & Development Services, St. Joseph’s University



Successful Strategies for Operating a Prospect Management Program
Amy Carrier, Director, Prospect Development and Research, Georgetown University; Rita Casey, Associate Director, Prospect Management, Boston College; Jennifer Falcon, Director, Research and Prospect Management, St. Joseph University; Heather Marzynski, Director, Prospect Research and Management, Santa Clara University

Join us for a panel discussion with four successful Prospect Management programs offering their varied experiences, approaches and strategies in partnering with their front-line fundraising colleagues. Covered in this session will be perspectives on operating a prospect management program within the research realm while partnering with front-line fundraisers, the balancing of portfolios and the efforts involved maintaining their vibrancy, and effective tools and resources used to meet program goals. Additionally, we will share examples of strategies, key collaboration points, reports and analysis. Coverage of the opportunities and challenges overseeing a Prospect Management program will also be discussed from each panelist’s perspective. Come and hear from Saint Joseph University, Santa Clara University, Georgetown University and Boston College. We anticipate an interactive session where we can all learn from one another with questions and answers throughout.



Parental Data Management
Paul Lynch, Director of Advancement Services and Online Services, LeMoyne College;Tamsin Burns, Development Services Director, Office of Development and Alumni Relations, St. Joseph’s University;Andrea Mulrine, Director of Development Research & Operations, University of Scranton

Clearly defined policies and procedures for the management of student records and alumni records exist at our institutions, but often the parental data record may be only partially completed when the student enters as a freshman.

With the migration to electronic applications in admissions, the opportunity to capture complete parental data is now more readily available. As students fill out their information online, more information can be required resulting in a more complete profile. Additionally, with some enterprise systems, there is the capability to check against existing records to prevent duplicate entries, update phone and email, and enable parental security settings.

Whether your institution utilizes an ERP database, or if you operate separate database systems, we will discuss ways to improve parental data collection, record accessibility, and synchronization across platforms.





Ethics and Donor Privacy
Deborah Reinhardt-Youmans, Director, Advancement Research, Le Moyne College

During these tentative economic times, we live in a time of uncertainty and unpredictability, leading to many issues in ethics and privacy facing the nonprofit community, that lend to review of ethical principles within the fundraising research profession. In this session, learn of the contemporary issues within the spectrum of positions in the fundraising cycle (research, advancement services, development, alumni) that ultimately impact the reputation, integrity and stewardship efforts of your organization. This session examines best practices in areas such as the management of day-to-day activities, establishing appropriate operational guidelines, and communicating clear expectations for staff. The examination and discussion of case studies regarding best practices and guidelines for protecting donor rights will be emphasized throughout session material and presentation.





Making the Most of Business Intelligence Tools and Using a Data Warehouse
Linda McIntosh, Director, Advancement Information Systems, Boston College; Patrick Sylvester, Director, Gasson Society & Special Gifts, Boston College

We all use alumni databases; and many of us still struggle with optimizing the reporting functionality of these large systems.  Enhancing the database with business intelligence tools (Qlik View and Cognos) can make tasks that were previously insurmountable, very doable.  Hear from professionals who have successfully implemented this technology and see examples of the ways in which these tools are currently being used to turn data into valuable information.



The Path to Success in Advancement Services and Advancement Operations
Amy Bronson, Director, Advancement Recruitment and Training, Boston College; Brenda Ricard, Associate Vice President, Operations and Planning, Boston College

What are the types of skills required for professional success in a career in university advancement? Is there a career track for success that does not involve being a fundraiser? Is there a career track for fundraising professionals who may need to reduce travel commitments for a period of time? As advancement continues to evolve as a profession, how is this growth impacting the operations side of the house? Where are the opportunities? For those people who are driven by a commitment to the advancement and support of higher education, but who do not see themselves in a direct fundraising role, this is an opportunity to discuss the options that are available. This session will include an overview of the key functional units with advancement services and advancement operations. The goal of the session is to highlight the skills needed for success in these areas and to illustrate the transferability of some skills from one position to another and/or from one functional area to another, ultimately leading to a successful career path.