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Human Resources

Welcome to the Human Resources Department at the College of the Holy Cross, located in O'Kane Hall - Room B72.

We are here to help Holy Cross employees to do their very best work and find satisfaction, reward and purpose. We believe that the College flourishes when motivated, high-performing and enthusiastic employees seek to improve themselves and engage with Holy Cross’s values and mission.

We believe in:

  • engagement with Holy Cross values and mission
  • community and inclusion
  • personal & professional development
  • health & personal well-being that touches body, mind and spirit
  • stewardship of relationships and resources
  • business excellence
  • service to others

We think Holy Cross is a pretty great place to work and invite you to check our current listing of available employment opportunities.

Worcester, Mass. is also a great college town — but don’t just take our word — click here to read what the New York Times has to say about it!


Oct 24
Open Enrollment Assistance
09:00 AM
Henry M. Hogan Campus Center 410 - Computer Lab
Nov 03
Open Enrollment Assistance
02:00 PM
Henry M. Hogan Campus Center 410 - Computer Lab