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Marshall Memorial Fund

Through a bequest of James J. Marshall and Ellen O'Connor Marshall, the College has established a fund to encourage the creative and intellectual involvement of students and faculty with the Worcester Community in order to enhance the quality of life in Worcester and build closer ties between the College and the community. Financial support is available on a competitive basis for service, research, and community-based learning projects that are of academic benefit to Holy Cross students and/or faculty and of benefit to the people of Worcester. Awards are typically in the range of $200-$500. Applications are available in the beginning of each semester and should be submitted to the Donelan Office by the listed due date.  

The 2017-2018 academic year application deadlines are 9/27, 11/29, and 2/14.  An application can be downloaded here or submitted through the Student Program Applications portal. 

General questions about the fund and the selection process should be directed to Michelle Sterk BarrettIsabelle Jenkins is available for consultation as applications are being completed (email Isabelle to make an appointment or drop by Smith 334). 


Questions about the application process and how a CBL student has utilized the funds to support her CBL site?

Click here to read an interview with Marshall Grant recipient, Caitlin Pollard '17 and her experience applying for the Marshall Grant to support the expansion of the food pantry at AIDS Project Worcester. 


2016-2017 Grant Recipients Include:

  • Brandon Brito ’20 was awarded funds to bring Woodland Academy 6th graders to the Holy Cross campus for a field trip. Woodland students will get a tour of campus, attend a Holy Cross athletic event, and have a pizza party with Holy Cross Woodland volunteers. Brandon is involved with Woodland through his CBL experience in Prof. Ryan’s Montserrat seminar, “Exploring Difference.”

  • Emily George ’18 and Karson Silver ’19 were awarded funds to purchase food and supplies for a luncheon hosting community partners working with Bridget Franco’s Fall SPAN 312 course, “Filmmaking in Spanish.” St. Mary Health Care Center, WPS Transition Program, the Assumption Center, and the Donelan Office of Community-Based Learning are each working with teams from Prof. Franco’s course. The teams are creating films that will be used by the organizations for marketing and communications purposes. The luncheon will take place on campus on Monday, December 12th, 2016 after the teams premiere their films for the community partners. Emily and Karson are on two of the filmmaking teams in Prof. Franco’s course this semester.

  • Meghan Kelly ’17 was awarded funds to purchase enrichment materials for the Forest Grove Middle School classroom she will be student teaching in in the Spring of 2017. The enrichment materials will enable Meghan’s students to continue to build on their learning of the Spanish language, as well as help Meghan with her curriculum development. Meghan’s project is a direct outgrowth of her participation in the Teacher Education Program.

  • Cassandra Kobelski ’17 was awarded funds to purchase whiteboards for a classroom at Burncoat High School.  Cassandra is currently a student teacher at Burncoat High School and will be utilizing these whiteboards in her own student teaching to better illustrate Spanish grammatical constructs with color coding.

  • Isabelle (Izzi) Lambrecht ’19 was awarded funds in the fall semester to purchase food, cooking supplies, and other equipment that would be used in an after-school program Izzi is designing for Worcester youth to participate in and learn about Holy Cross’ community garden. Izzi imagines a program where youth participating in Worcester after school programs would come to campus at various points to plant seeds, assist in the growing process, and then cook meals with the produce from the garden. This project is a direct outgrowth of Izzi’s involvement with Holy Cross’ community garden and her CBL experience in Prof. Crist’s sociology seminar, “Food, Poverty, and Justice.”

  • Izzi Lambrecht ’19 was awarded funds in the spring semester to purchase food and supplies for a food festival to be led by the SPUD community organizers and held on the Holy Cross campus.  This festival is intended to educate students about the rich diversity of cultures and restaurants that exist in the Worcester community.  In addition to sampling a variety of foods, students will also hear directly from restaurant owners and employees in formal presentations. This is an outgrowth of her academic coursework with Professor Andrea Borghini highlighting how food can be an avenue to promote friendship, learn about other cultures, and break down barriers.

  • Catherine Leeber ’17 was awarded funds to purchase Scholastic Magazine subscriptions of ¿QuĂ© Tal? for students in the Spanish classes at Forest Grove Middle School where she is doing her Teacher Education Program practicum.  These magazines will enable her to supplement traditional Spanish textbooks with a Spanish language magazine focused on current events, pop culture, and games that are age-appropriate.

  • Will McAvoy ’20 was awarded funds to purchase tablets and newspaper subscriptions for St. Mary Health Care Center.  Through these tablets, CBL and SPUD students who visit St. Mary residents will be able to continue their visits during school breaks, snow days, and holidays.  Not only will these tablets enable increased social interaction for the residents, but they will also enable residents to access newspapers and sites that will better connect them to the wider world.  Will is involved with St. Mary through his CBL experience in Prof. Ryan’s Montserrat seminar, “Identity, Diversity, and Community.”

  • Caitlin Pollard ’17 was awarded funds to assist AIDS Project Worcester (APW) in the expansion of their food pantry. APW’s food pantry served 235 people in 2015, but there are hundreds of more people who utilize APW’s services. An expanded food pantry would enable APW to serve more of their clients.  This project is directly tied to Caitlin’s summer research at APW through the summer research program, as well as with her CBL experience in Prof. Crist’s sociology seminar, “Food, Poverty, and Justice.”

  • Megan Seferian ’20 was awarded funds in the fall semester to purchase t-shirts that will serve as costumes in a play that WPS Transition Program students are writing and publicly performing. Megan and two other Holy Cross students have been assisting the WPS Transition students in the production of the play all semester. Megan’s involvement with the WPS Transition Program began through her CBL in Prof. Stephenie Chaudoir’s Montserrat seminar, “The Arc of Social Injustice” and through her CBL in SPAN 301. 

  • Megan Seferian ’20 was awarded funds in the spring semester to purchase supplies that will enable WPS Transition Program students with a visual impairment to make 3D models of the Holy Cross campus. Megan (along with a number of other Holy Cross students enrolled in SPAN 301) meets weekly with a group of Spanish-speaking WPS Transition Program students on the Holy Cross campus. Through the 3D models, these WPS students will have a better understanding of the campus layout and, therefore, be better able to navigate campus. Megan became involved with the WPS Transition Program through her SPAN 301 CBL course in the fall, as well as through her year-long Monsterrat seminar, "The Arc of Social Injustice" (a CBL placement-based course).

  • Ashley Tortorelli ’19 was awarded funds to purchase cheerleading uniform t-shirts and pom poms for youth enrolled in the Boys & Girls Club Afterschool Program at Plumley Village—where she is the SPUD Program Director.  As a GSWS (Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies) concentrator at Holy Cross, Ashley is particularly passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles for young women in order to promote self-esteem.  In observing cheerleading practices at Plumley Village, she has noticed how cheerleading has helped to accomplish these goals while building community among the girls. However, she feels that the girls would be even more motivated to stay with the sport if they had a uniform and equipment to make the practices more realistic.   

2015-2016 Grant Recipients Include:

  • Halley Allcroft ‘16 was awarded funding to purchase supplies for brain awareness educational events to occur at Nativity School, Canterbury School, and the Girls Scouts STEM Expo.  This is a culminating experience for her self-designed major in neuroscience with Professor Sarah Webster.

  • Ariel Baker ‘18 was awarded funds to conduct a college visit day for students from the Assumption Center’s Girls with Dreams program.  Ariel became involved with the Assumption Center’s Girls with Dreams program through the Holy Cross Non-Profit Careers Conference.

  • Linnea Brandt ‘16 was awarded funds to support, “Christmas Care Caddies for Abby’s.”  Marshall Funds were utilized to purchase 30 caddies that contained personal items such as toiletries, umbrellas, journals, and pens for Abby’s House residents. This project was directly tied to Linnea’s prior SPUD service at Abby’s House as well as her two fall 2015 CBL classes: Catholic Economic Justice with Professors Matt Eggemeier and Peter Fritz and Leadership, Religion, and Social Justice with Professor Susan Crawford Sullivan.

  • Molly Caulfield ‘18 was awarded funds to sponsor a bowling outing for Holy Cross mentors and youth of Ascentria Care Alliance’s Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program (URMP).  Molly began working with the URMP during her Montserrat class with Professor Virginia Ryan and has continued to do so as a CBL Intern.

  • Gennifer Durham ‘16 was awarded funds to purchase seeds and gardening supplies for Holy Cross mentors and youth from the Assumption Center to do community gardening and nutritional education events.  Gennifer has been involved with the Assumption Center through her Sociology of Education class with Professor Melissa Weiner, the Academic Internship Program, and as a SPUD Program Director.

  • The Magafan Mural Project Team (Sarah Valente ’16, Nicole Landry ’16, Maggie MacMullin ’16, Patrick Franco ’17, Hannah Moore ’18, and Melissa Gryan ’18)  were awarded funds in the fall for conservation materials that will enable the restoration of four Jenne Magafan murals at Worcester East Middle School.  Margaret MacMullin ‘16 was awarded a second Marshall grant in the spring to work with the Worcester East Middle School students and teachers to create a new student-designed mural in the school’s cafeteria. This Magafan Mural Project Team is an outgrowth of Sarah Valente and Nicole Landry’s summer research project investigating the process of art conservation and mural restoration.  

  • Anthony O’Connor ’18 was awarded funds to purchase food and supplies for a breakfast made collaboratively by Worcester Public Schools (WPS) Transition Program students and Holy Cross CBL students.  Anthony became involved with the WPS Transition Program through his Spanish Composition & Conversation class with Professor Carcelen-Estrada.

  • Zhenxi Qi ’16 was awarded funds to support the production of Dismas House’s Coming Home Worcester directory to assist ex-offenders in the reentry process. Zhenxi began working with Dismas House as a student in Professor Michelle Sterk Barrett’s Community Engagement & Social Responsibility class.

  • Ja-Lene Scott-Dottin ‘16 and Zhenxi Qi ‘16 were awarded funds to support an apple picking and lunch outing for residents of Abby’s House.  Both Ja-Lene and Zhenxi have served at Abby’s House for the past three years through SPUD.

  • John Swartzwelder ‘19 was awarded funds to purchase a desktop computer for the afterschool program at the Sisters of St. Anne’s Marie Anne Center. John became involved with the Marie Anne Center in the fall of 2015 through his Montserrat class with Professor Virginia Ryan.

  • Lauren Suprenant ‘16 was awarded funds to purchase an ELMO document projector for a Burncoat Middle School science classroom and colored pencils to support the school’s Self-Regulated Strategy Development writing program.  Through the Teacher Education Program, Lauren is serving as a student teacher at Burncoat Middle School.

  • Sean Teebagy ’17 was awarded funds to purchase utility carts, books, hand lotion, and knitting supplies for the Caring Carts initiative at UMASS Medical Center.  The Caring Carts initiative is an outgrowth of the Power of Presence volunteer program which Sean helped begin. The program is designed to train future clinicians to sit with actively dying patients in the hospital when friends and family cannot be present.

  • Claire Weston ‘16 was awarded funds to help support Community Harvest Project’s efforts to learn more about developing a bioshelter.  Claire began working with the Community Harvest Project through the 2015 Holy Cross Non-Profit Careers Conference and has continued to do so as an Intern since then.

2014-2015 Grant Recipients Include:

  • Emily Breakell was awarded funds to cover travel expenses so that she may attend the 2015 Food Waste and Hunger Summit taking place in Georgia.  Emily will use knowledge gained at the conference to inform the development of a new student group: Holy Cross Food Recovery.

  • Samuel Gentile was awarded funds to support Working for Worcester’s project to improve the recreational area at Elm Park Elementary School.

  • Tiffany Holland was awarded funds to purchase an electronic keyboard and music books for the Holy Cross Music Therapy program at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

  • Professor Min Kyung Lee was awarded funds to purchase refreshments for the final CBL presentation event in her Making the Modern City course as well as funds to support a visit from a CBL-related guest speaker in her course.  Her students are conducting research to inform the development of the Blackstone Gateway Park.

  • Andrew McAward was awarded funds to purchase soil and seeds to create a community garden on the grounds of the Fanning Building in Worcester.

  • Michelle McGahan was awarded funds to purchase a white board and markers for her classroom at Burncoat Middle School, where she is doing her student teaching and is helping to pilot a co-teaching model.

  • Jacob Medina and Dung Nguyen were awarded funds to purchase tablets and educational applications for CBL and SPUD students to use at after-school programs.

  • Andrew Varuzzo was awarded funds to purchase supplies for a multicultural cookout in collaboration with Worcester Common Ground, a local community development organization serving Worcester’s Main Middle and Piedmont neighborhoods.

  • Sarah Curran and Alexander Pagan-Mejia were awarded funds to purchase supplies in order to create Thanksgiving baskets for families of the Nativity School of Worcester.

  • Naomi-Ann Gaspard and Jessica Rodriguez were awarded funds to coordinate a college visit for the members of Girl’s CHOICE.

  • Anthony Criscitiello and Mary Patrice Hamilton were awarded funds to establish a honeybee hive on campus for educational and research purposes.

  • Rebecca Sewell was awarded funds to purchase supplies for the Girls, Inc. “College Shower.”  The “College Shower” is an event that celebrates the life transition of students beginning college.

  • Kristen Paadre and Abbey Wilkman were awarded funds to purchase thank you gifts from the Holy Cross bookstore for eight middle school girls participating in an educational research project at St. Peter Central Catholic School.

  • Professor Bridget Franco was awarded funds to support the purchase of supplies and refreshments for her Spanish 305 CBL site visits with the Latino Elders Program and the “Third Day” Program at St. Peter’s Assumption Center.

  • Andrea Gendron and Ashley Fairbanks were awarded funds to purchase supplies for activities with the WPS Transition Program and the WPS Deafblind/Low Vision/Blind Department.

  • Professor Stephanie Yuhl was awarded funds to purchase refreshments for the final CBL presentation event in her Representing the Past course.  Her students are conducting research and constructing a virtual web tour of historic sites, edisodes, and individuals from Worcester history.

2013-2014 Grant Recipients Include:

  • Liz Crowley was awarded funds to purchase extra large business suits for Dress for Success.

  • William Geddes was awarded funds to conduct interactive, engaging physics demonstrations at Doherty High School.

  • Brendan Healey was awarded funds to renovate outdoor recreation space at the Bridge of Central Massachusett's G. Stanley Hall School as part of Working for Worcester.

  • Prof. Alison Ludden was awarded funds for community-based research presentation events resulting from research conducted in her Urban School and Resilience and Development classes.  She was also awarded funds to sponsor a Manga workshop for students from Nativity School and her Resilience and Development class.

  • Prof. Bridget Franco was awarded funds for interactive, Latino culture demonstrations given by students in her Aspects of Spanish American Culture at the Latino Elders Program of Centro Las Americas.

  • Prof. Amanda Luyster was awarded funds to support the development of a Worcester Art Museum i-phone tour created by students from her Visual Arts class in conjunction with high school art students from Claremont Academy.