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Holy Cross Magazine welcomes letters regarding the magazine's content. Letters intended for publication must be signed and may be edited for style, length and clarity. Opinions expressed in the letters section do not necessarily reflect the views of the administration or the editorial staff.

Time Traveling Alums
You seem to have appropriated a photograph from the wonderful 1967 Purple Patcher yearbook and used it to illustrate some silly 1962 Laundromat event. This is righteously appropriate since the photo in question features Pete Smith '67, Mike Drain '67 and Buzz McCarthy '67 - all representatives of the Emerald Shield Society. These gents were members of the newly formed campus humor club, and I am sure were not beyond time travel back to pull off a prank that would surface decades later. And of course it is sloppy magazine work on your part. Hah! Credit Tom Osgood '67 and Lester York '67 for orchestrating the photo, if I am not mistaken.

Bob White '67
Boston, Mass. 

Iraq Trip Response
Peace! I would like to respond briefly to the comments of Michael Singelyn, M.D., '58.  It is unfortunate that Dr. Singelyn has confused the simple performance of the Christian mandate to feed the hungry and comfort the ill with support for a despot.  I do not support Saddam Hussein, or any other political leader including Americans who choose to settle disputes with military force and murder rather than diplomacy and nonviolence.  We should not condemn a people, particularly children, for the actions of their government.  Heaven knows that I would not want my two boys starved to death because of the many times that our government has used military force, or because our country remains the only country to ever use a nuclear weapon, or because our country maintains the largest (by far) arsenals of chemical, nuclear and biological weaponry.  As Pope John Paul II said this past January in regards to sanctions: "The weak and the innocent cannot pay for mistakes for which they are not responsible."

Also, a correction:  According to UNICEF, between 5,000 and 6,000 children under five die every month in Iraq as a direct result of the sanctions; 9,000 civilians die every month; nearly 2 million innocent people have succumbed to the sanctions to date.  Christ calls us to love our neighbors and our enemies alike if we are to say we love God.  To love is to feed, clothe, comfort, instruct, give drink, heal, admonish, and pray.  It is not loving or Christian to starve, kill by disease, neglect, bomb, or otherwise desecrate "Temples of the Holy Spirit" (1 Cor. 6:19).

Christopher Allen-Doucot '89
Hartford, Conn.

What Happened to Athletics?
I wanted to write and voice an opinion that I feel a number of our alumni have but perhaps have kept to themselves. I graduated from Holy Cross in 1974. If you had told me then that I would be ashamed of the state of our College's athletic program 25 years hence I would have told you you were nuts. My plans were for me to take my friends and family to a West Point vs. Holy Cross game and tailgate till the sun went down. What I am faced with today is going to Fordham University in the Bronx and witnessing (along with all of 800 people in the stands) a beating at the hands of a team that was nonexistent years ago. What has happened to Holy Cross athletics? I learned a great deal in the classroom at Holy Cross. I learned an awful lot of life's lessons on the athletic field playing against good competition. Teamwork, desire, commitment and a willingness to go on no matter what the circumstances. Qualities and traits that have served me and my fellow classmates well for years. Pride in being associated with a class act was what brought us all to Holy Cross. Why can't our alma mater have a good academic program along with a good athletic program?

Joe Neary '74
Dublin, Ohio


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