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Media Mentions


  • The Providence Sunday Journal of May 17 ran an in-depth story by Bill Reynolds on Joe Mullaney '49, member of the NCAA championship team of 1947 and legendary Providence College basketball coach. 
  • Rev. Thomas P. Henehan, M.M., '60, begins his article, "Tackling Problems," for a recent issue of Maryknoll magazine, "When I played linebacker for Holy Cross College in Worcester, Mass., I never dreamed I would be helping pastoral teams of Chileans tackle their problems in the light of the Gospel."
  • The Los Angeles Times of June 22 ran an extensive profile of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas '71.
  • On Aug. 3, NBC's Today show profiled Richard Conway Casey '55, recently appointed U. S. District Judge of the Southern District of New York. Casey is visually impaired and brings his seeing eye dog, Coach, to court with him. 
  • The Kaplan/Newsweek College Guide '99 included Holy Cross in an article on "dry" social events. The College is mentioned for its innovative programs to encourage responsible drinking. 
  • The Washington Post's Style Section of June 16 features a lengthy, lively profile of WUSA news anchor Gordon Peterson '60.
  • Ann Bookman, director of the College's Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies, published an op-ed piece on the Family and Medical Leave Act in the Aug. 3 edition of the Boston Globe. 
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer of Aug. 2 ran the story, "An unlikely personality for television," by Jennifer Weiner, a profile of Chris Matthews '67. Matthews was also featured in the New York Times Magazine of Sept. 20. 
  • The Aug. 26 edition of the Boston Globe featured the story "Tending to teen's need to sleep." Amy Wolfson, assistant professor of psychology and an expert on sleep research, is quoted in the article. Wolfson points out that the average 15-year-old needs around 9.2 hours of sleep each night.
  • Foodservice Director, an industry monthly, ran a front page story in its August issue on the College's enlarged vegetarian menus as well as the success of "Cool Beans," the 40-seat coffee shop located in the lobby of Hogan Campus Center.
  • The July 31 edition of USA Today featured a review of The Spitting Image by associate professor of sociology, Jerry Lembcke. Lembcke's study of cultural myths associated with the Vietnam War has also been prominently featured in the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.
  • The Sept. 5-6 edition of the International Herald Tribune featured an interview with Athletic Director Dick Regan '76 in its story "Putting 'College' Back Into Football."
  • The New York Times of Sept. 20 featured the story, "The ABC's of Getting Ahead," a profile of Arnold Principal '91.
  • The New York Times of Aug. 7 ran the story, "Yankees' Interpreter Is Translating a Season to Remember," a profile of George Rose '88, interpreter for Yankees' pitcher Hideki Irabu. 



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