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Francisco Gago-Jover - Professor - Chair of the Department
(Ph.D. University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Fields: Medieval Spanish Literature, History of the Spanish Language, Lexicography, Medieval Military Art and Science, Computers in Modern Languages.

Isabel Alvarez-Borland - Monsignor Edward G. Murray Professor in the Arts and Humanities
(Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University)

Fields: US Cuban and Latino Literature, Cuban Literature, Caribbean Literature, Contemporary Latin American Narrative.

Estrella Cibreiro - Professor
(Ph.D. University of Connecticut)

Fields: Women's Writing, 20th Century Spanish Theater, Film and Cultural Studies, Feminism and Literature.

John T. Cull - Professor
(Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Fields: European Emblem Literature, Spanish Golden Age Comedia, Spanish Golden Age Prose, Medieval Spanish Medicine, Spanish Sentimental Fiction.

Ambroise Kom - Professor and Eleanor Howard O'Leary Chair in Francophone Studies - Coordinator of STWL
(Dr. d'État ès lettres. Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III)

Fields: French and Francophone Literature, and Culture

Claudia Ross - Professor - Coordinator of Chinese
(Ph.D. University of Michigan)

Fields: Linguistics (lexical and semantic structure), Chinese language pedagogy.

Amy Singleton Adams - Associate Professor - Coordinator of Russian
(Ph.D. University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Fields: Russian Language, Literature, and Culture

Josep Alba-Salas - Associate Professor - Pedagogical Coordinator for the Foreign Exchange Visitors Program - Coordinator of Spanish
(Ph.D. Cornell University)

Fields: Spanish and Romance Linguistics, Theoretical Syntax (Spanish, Italian, and Catalan), Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics.

Susan Amatangelo - Associate Professor - Coordinator of Italian
(Ph.D. Harvard University)

Fields: 19th- and 20th-century Italian
literature, Giovanni Verga, Italian women writers, and the representation of women in literature

Laurence Enjolras - Associate Professor
(Ph.D. Brown University)

Fields: 20th - 21st Century French Literature, French Women Writers, Contemporary French Culture and Film.

Daniel Frost - Associate Professor
(Ph.D. Harvard University)

Fields: 19th Century Spanish Literature; 19th Century Latin American Literature; Landscape Studies.

Baozhang He - Associate Professor
Ohio State University)

Fields: Chinese Linguistics, Language, Literature, and Culture.

Cynthia Stone - Associate Professor - Director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program
(Ph.D. University of Michigan)

Fields: Mesoamerican Codices, Early Missionary Writings in the New World, Films set in Colonial Spanish America, Translations of Indigenous Traditions.

Jorge Valdés - Associate Professor
(Ph.D. University of Connecticut)

Fields: Modern Spanish and Spanish-American Poetry.

Bridget Franco - Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. University of California - Irvine)

Fields: Contemporary Latin American Literature, 20th/21st century Southern Cone Literature and Film, Philosophy and Politics in Literature.

Thibaut Schilt - Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. Ohio State University)

Fields: French Cinema, Contemporary French Literature and Culture, Gender Studies.

Giovanni Spani - Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. Indiana University)

Fields: Italian.

Sylvia Schmitz-Burgard - Assistant Professor - Coordinator of German
(Ph.D. University of Virginia)

Fields: 20th-, 19th-, and 18th-Century German Literature and Culture, Austrian Cultural History, 18th-Century European Novel, Women Writers, Law and Literature, Contemporary Literary Theory

Stephen Shapiro - Assistant Professor - Coordinator of French
(Ph.D. New York University)

Fields: 17th-century French literature, memoir and autobiography, literature and historiography, comedy, French culinary culture, Francophobia and Francophilia in America.

Judy Freedman Fask - Lecturer - Director Deaf Studies Program - Coordinator of ASL
(M.Ed. Smith College)

Fields: American Sign Language, Deaf Studies, Program Development, Community Learning Based Partnerships.

Helen Freear-Papio - Lecturer - Coordinator of the Foreign Exchange Visitors Program
(Ph.D. University of Connecticut)

Fields: Contemporary Spanish Drama written by Women, 20th Century Drama and Novel, Directed Independent Language Instruction, Technology in the Language Classroom.

Esther L. Levine - Lecturer - Class Dean of 2010 - With special responsibilities for ALANA and international students - International Scholar and Student Advisor
(M.A.Brown University)

Fields: Spanish Language, Contemporary Latin American Literature.

Elizabeth O’Connell-Inman - Lecturer - Coordinator of Directed Independent Spanish Courses
(M.A. Brown University)

Fields: Technology in the Language Classroom, Directed Independent Language Instruction, Contemporary Latin American Literarure.

Daisy Aaronian - Visiting Lecturer
(Ph.D. Columbia University)

Fields: French Language

Anna Baker - Visiting Assistan Professor
(Ph.D. University of Virginia

Fields: German Language

Mary Ann Coppolino - Visiting Lecturer
(M.A. Middlebury College

Fields: French Language

Rocío Fuentes - Visiting Assistant Professor
(Ph.D.  University of Pittsburgh

Fields: Spanish Language

Natalia Iacobelli - Visiting Lecturer
(M.A.  Boston College

Fields: Italian Language

Ying Li - Visiting Lecturer
. D. Lamar University)

Fields: American Sign Language, Deaf Studies

Rose Mambert - Visiting Lecturer
(D.M.L. candidate, Middlebury College)

Fields: Italian Language and Literature, Italian horror film.

Adele Parker - Visiting Assistant Professor
(Ph.D Brown University)

Fields: French Language and Literature

Olga S. Partan - Visiting Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. Brown University)

Fields: Russian Language, Literature, and Culture.

Dennise Scott - Visiting Lecturer
(M.S. Springfield College)

Fields: American Sign Language, Deaf Studies

Michelle Sharp - Visiting Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. University of Wisconsin - Madison

Fields: Spanish Language

Walter Shaw - Visiting Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Fields: Spanish Language and Literature

Yipeng Shen - Visiting Lecturer
(Ph.D. candidate, University of Oregon

Fields: Chinese Language

Lynne Lengel - Administrative Assistant

Judith Powell - Administrative Assistant