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Vice President 

Tracy Barlok

Tracy Barlok P19
Vice President 
(508) 793-3776
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Kate Bailen Kate Bailen 
Executive Assistant 
(508) 793-3776 
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Alumni Relations
Kristyn Dyer Kristyn Dyer '94
(508) 793-2418 
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Tom Cadigan Tom Cadigan '02
Associate Director
(508) 793-2418
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Amina Gomez '16 Amina Gomez ’16
Brooks Alumni Fellow
(508) 793-2554
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Sara Port Sara Port '02
Associate Director
(508) 793-3842
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Jinny VanDeusen Jinny VanDeusen
Director of Alumni Career Development
(508) 793-2418    
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Domijnique Fairbanks Dominique Fairbanks
Administrative Assistant
(508) 793-2418
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Annual Leadership Giving
Maggie Bramley Margaret Hayden Bramley '98
(508) 793-2421 
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Associate Director
Phone: TBD
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Joyce O'Connor Davidson Joyce O'Connor Davidson
(508) 793-2240
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Amy Kotsopoulos Amy Kotsopoulos P19
Associate Director
(508) 793-2383
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Jack O'Connell ’81 Jack O'Connell ’81
Campaign Writer
(508) 793-3532
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Crusader Athletics Fund
open Open
(508) 793-2415
Cara Hanrahan Abraham Cara Hanrahan Abraham
Assistant Director
(508) 793-2632
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Greta Morgan Greta Morgan
(508) 793-3661
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Joanne O'Connor Joanne O'Connor
Administrative Assistant
(508) 793-3656
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Foundation and Corporate Relations
Heather Kurtz Heather Kurtz
Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations
(508) 793-2735
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Holy Cross Fund
Christene Riendeau Christene Riendeau
Director of Class-based Fundraising
(508) 793-2421
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Katherine "Turner" Crowley Katherine "Turner" Crowley
Associate Director
(508) 793-3925
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Alexandra Greeley Alexandra Greeley
Associate Director
(508) 793-2666
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Kelly Whalen Kelly Whalen
Associate Director
   & Director of Annual Fund Stewardship Programs
(508) 793-2421
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Shannon Wood Shannon Wood
Matthew P. Cavanaugh '20 Fellow
(508) 793-3783
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Peter Zona Peter Zona '14
Assistant Director
(508) 793-3499
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TBD Meagan Walker
Administrative Assistant
(508) 793-2421
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Leadership Giving
Phil Gibson Philip Gibson ’95
(508) 793-2667 
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Ryan Arsenault Ryan Arsenault '06
Leadership Giving Officer 
(508) 793-3891 
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Jen DiFranco Jen DiFranco '99
Leadership Giving Officer 
(508) 793-2246    
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Heather Gelardi Heather Gelardi
Leadership Giving Officer
(508) 793-3734    
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Kim Krueger Kim Krueger P17
Leadership Giving Officer
(508) 793-2306    
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Aaron McGarry Aaron McGarry
Director of Parent Leadership Giving
(508) 793-2370
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Sharon Nutter Sharon Nutter
Administrative Assistant 
(508) 793-2422
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Operations & Research
Kerri Saucier Kerri Saucier
(508) 793-3482
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Samantha McGill Samantha McGill
Director of Systems and Technology
(508) 793-3828
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Arielle Berti Arielle Berti
Assistant Director of Gifts, Records and Data Integrity
(508) 793-3655
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Erica Baxter Erica Baxter
Senior Business and Technology Analyst
(508) 793-2340
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Roseann Fitzgerald ’78 Roseann Fitzgerald ’78
Senior Researcher
(508) 793-2378
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Chelsea Hathaway Chelsea Hathaway
Development Assistant 
(508) 793-3079
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TBD Petrina Jatagani '15
Research Analyst
(508) 793-3675
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Connor Larson ’16 Connor Larson ’16
Business and Technology Analyst
(508) 793-2363
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Alice Swett Alice Swett
Development Assistant 
(508) 793-3471
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Principal Giving & Gift Planning
Tom Flynn Tom Flynn '85
(508) 793-2359 
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Katherine McKay Katherine McKay
Director of Gift Planning
(508) 793-2379
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Laurie Bowater Laurie W. Bowater
Associate Director of Gift Planning
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Liz Pratt Deb Smith
Administrative Assistant


Stewardship & Special Events
Patricia Haylon ’83 Patricia Gibbons Haylon ’83, P17
(508) 793-2369
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Kristi M. Jongeling Kristi Jongeling
Director of Donor Relations
(508) 793-3337
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Assistant Director of Donor Relations/Writer
(508) 793-3827
Yasmeen Aslami Yasmeen Aslami
Assistant Director of Donor Relations
(508) 793-3479
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Doreen Murzycki Doreen Murzycki
Administrative Assistant
(508) 793-3856
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