Faculty Member Lecturing

Our teachers come to Holy Cross to answer a calling. They arrive on campus from the top graduate programs in the country, with deep devotion to teaching and scholarship. They are attracted to Holy Cross—an exclusively undergraduate college employing no teaching assistants—because they can work directly with students. They are mentors and inspirational models for our students, transforming lives in and out of the classroom, with both their expertise and their example.

Continually striving to find new ways to make their ideas come alive, our professors live out their vocation. Many are bringing cutting-edge innovation to the classroom. All are focused on building a community of unsurpassed academic excellence that ignites the life of the mind.

Our professors—92 percent of whom hold doctorate degrees—are highly accomplished in their specialties and in their teaching profession. Among them are prestigious MacArthur Foundation Fellow, National Science Foundation Scholar, and national Teacher-of-the-Year award recipients, to name a few. Our students—and the exponential lives they go on to positively impact in the world—reflect the achievements and dedication of our outstanding faculty.