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Min Kyung Lee

Visual Arts Department
Architectural Studies
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Northwestern University

Fields: History and theory of modern architecture and urban planning

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Office Phone: 508-793-3098
Office: Fenwick 401
PO Box: 60A

My research is in the area of modern architecture and the built environment, specializing in Europe and the Americas from the 18th to 19th centuries. Thematically, I am interested in questions that address the history of urban representations and their role in the production of spatial knowledge. For instance, how do particular modes and media of visualization condition how we create and design cities? How do representations define our ideas and experience of space? Through a current book project, The Tyranny of the Straight Line: Mapping Modern Paris, I explore these issues in relation to the development and use of cartography and mapping practices by French architects and engineers during the 19th-century. My aim is to delineate how methods to quantify and to make space graphic generated a new practice of and framework for urban planning in Paris. 

My teaching in architectural history and theory is geared towards social histories of the built environment. I offer survey courses as well as thematic classes on modern architecture, and the modern city in Europe and the Americas, contemporary architecture, and architectural theory. Shifting away from a focus on great monuments and personalities, my courses account for social, environmental, political, and cultural contexts that drive and inform the construction, use, and reception of architecture. In this way, my position is aligned to critical understandings of architecture and the built environment as a collective form and practice, embedded in representational techniques of power.

In addition to my interests in urbanism, architectural media and mapping, my criticism is focused on the relations between natural and built landscapes, and the ways in which architectural practice has defined its environmental contexts. I also write about social theories of collaboration in architectural practices especially as they relate to contemporary questions of political agency.


  • Global Survey of Architecture
  • Modern Architecture
  • Architecture in East Asia
  • Making the Modern City
  • Sexing Modern Architecture
  • Sensing and Shaping Landscapes

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