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Mock Trial

What is Mock Trial?

College Mock Trial is an activity where undergraduate students have an opportunity to learn how to present a winning argument using the actual format by trial courts. Students will learn how to make an opening statement, how to perform a direct examination of a witness, how to effectively cross-examine a witness, and how to make a closing argument.

Practicing litigators have used mock trial to assist in trying different methods of presenting evidence to a mock jury to see which methods of presenting complex or controversial issues are most effective.

The skill-set learned or improved by participating in mock trial is useful not only for students who plan careers in law, but also for students who enter other occupations. In mock trial, a student learns how to analyze a case, weigh its strengths and weakness, anticipate likely objections, and learns how to present a clear, concise and winning argument in a civil manner. These are skills useful later in life. Leaders and decision-makers such as managers communicating with their staff, political leaders to their constituents, and government and organization leaders need to convince others their position is the best choice.