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Philosophy involves both systematic forms of inquiry and a prolonged reflection upon its own history. As one recent Holy Cross graduate, now a law school student said: “For me, philosophy was not just a major. It became an entirely new way of going about my daily life.”

Faculty are widely published and highly accomplished. They represent a broad range of scholarly and teaching interests in the history of philosophy (East and West), the philosophy of law, science and medicine, philosophical issues concerning the mind and neuroscience, art and architecture food, environmental and medical ethics, religion, and many other fields. They also come from diverse backgrounds and teach and lecture all over the world.  

For majors, minors and all Holy Cross students interested in deepening their liberal arts education, the department offers courses in the history of philosophy that span the entire tradition from the pre-Socratics to the philosophers of our own century. These historical courses are best pursued in conjunction with courses that cover the principal areas of philosophical inquiry (Metaphysics, Ethics, Epistemology, and Aesthetics). Courses exclusively reserved for first-year students are all sections of Philosophical Inquiries (Phil 110). Students are permitted to take only one course at this level.