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The computer science program empowers students to be informed and active participants in the study of computation, one of the most fundamental and dynamic areas of human inquiry. This mission is attained through rigorous study of the core principles of computer science, and it is sustained by a liberal arts approach to cultivating the habits of the mind needed for lifelong learning, for clear thinking, and for active and meaningful engagement as a member of society.

While our educational focus is computer science, we seek to provide a friendly and dynamic atmosphere that nurtures a diverse community. We actively welcome students from a variety of backgrounds and those without any prior experience in computer science. The study of computer science complements many other disciplines, and we encourage students to combine the pursuit of a computer science major or minor with study in other departments. Additionally, our program is structured to provide an atmosphere of academic and social collaboration between faculty and students, enhanced by extracurricular activities, including:

  • Math and Computer Science Club
  • Off-campus social outings
  • Collaborative group projects
  • Workshops for introductory courses led by students further in the program

Research Opportunities

With ample opportunities to conduct research during the year and in the summer, as well as to propose and pursue individual research projects, computer science students delve into the study of algorithms and data structures, formal properties, and realizations in hardware and software. Students interested in pursuing research are encouraged to discuss proposals with faculty to find an appropriate project advisor.

Alumni Success

Current students in the computer science program cite their studies as “helping them to learn how to think.” Graduates of the program have gone on to a variety of career paths, including:

  • Graduate studies at highly-ranked institutions
  • Full-time employment at small start-ups and established tech companies
  • Full-time service and non-profit opportunities, such as AmeriCorps or the Jesuit Volunteer Corps

To learn more about other post-graduate options, please visit our Post-Graduate Information page.