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The study of history at Holy Cross not only seeks to understand the past; it also offers deep personal enrichment for a thoughtful, even passionate, engagement in the challenges of the present. Among the most encompassing academic disciplines, history is informed by economics, sociology, anthropology, political science, the arts and literature.

Working with innovative faculty experts, students explore a diverse range of interests and a broad selection of topics from “Traditional” East Asia to Modern Latin America, Gilded Age America to Imperial Russia. Students learn how politics, social and economic developments, and cultural life interact.

Students of all interests, passions, and goals study history at Holy Cross. Graduates use their training to pursue careers in law, medicine, government service, business, teaching and a host of other vocations. 

Program Highlights

Students enrolled in history at Holy Cross explore their major and gain depth in a particular aspect of history through a thematic concentration. Spanning geographic locations and time, students select from the following themes:
  • Colonialism and Empire
  • Gender in Public and Private Life
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Resistance, Revolution, and Reaction
  • Religion and Society
  • War and Memory
With 18 full-time professors, the department is one of the largest history departments among liberal arts colleges.
Students can augment their studies through honors programs and hands-on experiences.
Find out what students can do with a history major, and check out the careers of some recent alumni.

History News

Holy Cross Bids Farewell to Three Beloved Faculty Members

Jul 14, 2017

As the campus tipped its hat to the class of 2017, it also bid farewell to three faculty members who retired at the end of the academic year: Blaise Nagy, Karen Turner and Helen Whall. These faculty members, who have …

How the Arts Prepare Holy Cross Alumni for Success in Every Field

Jul 14, 2017

What happens when we bridge the gap between the real world and our imagination? “Balance,” says chief executive James “Jim” Keyes ’77, “and the ability to move forward in wonderfully creative ways.” When technical know-how is coupled with art, the …


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Teacher Education Program Info Session
03:00 PM
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