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Business Club Participation

Active participation in a business club exposes you to current events, active discussions and a network of successful alum.  Choose a club and get involved!

This is one of six milestone requirements towards a COES Professional Program Certificate of Readiness.


 --The Agency

The Agency educates students who are interested in learning about the fields of public relations, advertising, and marketing. Although each field has its distinct features, they are integrated into what is currently known as Marketing Communications. By holding workshops and career panels every semester, The Agency provides students with exposure to the many industry careers.  The Agency is open to all classes and majors. 

Fall 2017 Meetings: Tuesdays @ 7PM (weekly) in Stein 217

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Matthew Brown '18,
Casey Carty '18, 
Carter Mitchell '19, (abroad)


--The Finance Club

The Finance Club focuses on Wall Street - including sales & trading and ibanking - helps students gain a stronger understanding of financial markets, institutions, trends and current events. We aim to create an academic learning environment to better prepare students for future financial roles and networking opportunities for careers on Wall Street. Open to any major and class.

The Women in Finance Forum fosters confidence in financial literacy, current events and markets. With a focus on personal branding and elevator pitch practice, women will be prepared for both financial careers and personal goals. Open to all classes. 

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Finance Club: 
Meetings: Tuesdays @ 7:30PM in Stein 216
Kaitlyn Conte '18,
Thomas Muratore '18,

Women's Forum: 
Meetings: Wednesdays @ 5:00PM in Stein 216
Olivia D'Anna '19,
Shannon Quirk '20,

- HC Capital

HC Capital seeks to supplement the liberal arts by providing the technical skills necessary to succeed in the financial services industry. Members will gain experience and knowledge in the fields of asset valuation, equity research, and portfolio management. 

Fall 2017 Meetings: 2X Weekly -
   Mondays at 7P in Stein 216
   Thursdays at 7P in Scalia (Dinand Library)

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Sean Manning '19,
Andrew Smith '19,


--HC Entrepreneurs Group

HCEG (Holy Cross Entrepreneurs Group) is the student chapter of the alumni group that shares a passion for entrepreneurship in various industries. Meetings consist of developing your ideas, discussing relevant literature and guest speakers. HCEG also provides tools and resources necessary for incubating a startup (workshops, paid subscriptions, etc.), startup capital from our annual Shark Tank event and access to alumni network through various networking events.  All majors are welcome and it’s never too late to join (ahem, seniors).

Fall 2017 Meetings: Wednesdays at 6:30PM in Hogan 402 (weekly)
(Alternate Rooms: 9/27 in Hogan 304, 11/15 in Hogan 407, 12/6 in Hogan 304)

Ja-Nae Duane: Entrepreneur-in-Residence,
Reilly Bloom '18,
Shane Driscoll '18,

-- HC Sales Group

Explore the sales and management industries of business and gain the tools to utilize the qualities of a liberal arts education in the business world. Club members will learn a variety of selling techniques and strategies, communication and organization, as well as obtain attributes that breed success in the sales industry. Meetings will be enhanced with guest alumni speakers to discuss their successes. All class years and majors encouraged to join.

Fall 2017 Meetings: Thursdays at 6PM in Stein 118C (bi-weekly)

Ben Lodge '18,
Conor O'Reilly '18,


-- Real Estate Club 

The Real Estate Club exposes students to a broad range of topics including residential, commercial, and development - while building an industry network including HC alumni.  Join us for industry perspective and discussions about current market trends with alumni guest speakers.  

Fall 2017 Meetings: Thursdays @ 7:30PM in Stein 118C

INTERESTED in Joining the Real Estate Club?

Nicolas Botta '19,
Jack Nedorostek '19,
Jack Surowiec '20,