Foreign Language Studies

Foreign Language Studies involve the study of languages other than one’s own, and contribute to an awareness of cultural differences that are shaped by, and reflected in, language. The study of modern languages allows students to develop the ability to communicate with people of different cultures through speech or writing. The study of classical languages also enhances students’ general understanding of different cultures through the medium of written texts. In all cases, the study of another language contributes to a greater understanding of one’s own language, and to a fuller appreciation of the role of language and literature in human experience and thought.

Students are required to complete two courses in the study of a language other than one in which they possess native speaker fluency.

Students continuing the study of a language begun prior to college will pursue their study at a level commensurate with their language skills. Placement into the appropriate level will be determined by the language department or program concerned, based on their evaluation of prior coursework, tests, and consultation with the student. Students choosing to begin the study of a new language at Holy Cross must complete both semesters of an introductory language course.