Advising at Holy Cross is individual and developmental. As students mature during their four years, they are expected to accept a greater degree of responsibility as they develop and then pursue their post-graduation plans. Their advisors - whether faculty members or professional staff - serve increasingly as mentors, discussing the available options rather than interpreting curricular mandates.

Our goal throughout is to develop in students the capacity to frame their own questions about their priorities and their values, to pursue answers to those questions responsibly and intentionally, and to apply the knowledge they gain toward the Jesuit ideal of living not for themselves alone but with and for others.

Led and coordinated by a highly talented cadre of class deans, and informed by expert advisors in various pre-professional and career-oriented fields, advising still depends in critical ways on the involvement of faculty members who follow their advisees throughout their years at Holy Cross and in many cases remain mentors and friends long after graduation.